Property Maintenance Contractors

Providing fully integrated property maintenance solutions with increased visibility. Designed to control responsive repairs, gas servicing, periodic electrical inspections, voids, cyclical and planned works for contractors working with local authorities, social landlords, house builders, and facilities management.

Refrigeration and Air–Conditioning Contractors

Providing an end to end solution to manage planned preventative maintenance, breakdowns, and installations. Comprehensive asset registers, F-gas logs, client portals, and sub contractor portals

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July Release

July 20th, 2021

June Release

June 29th, 2021

May Release

May 12th, 2021

Feature Focus

Are you ready for the new Reverse Charge VAT rules? We have full support for the new CIS rules relating to VAT and end-users.

February 19th, 2021


Life is a journey. Jess examines why she became an apprentice and what she hopes to get out of the experience.

February 11th, 2021


The best of both worlds. James explains how being a degree apprentice has supercharged his personal development.

February 10th, 2021


Small is beautiful. Zahir shares why he thinks that you should consider doing a degree apprenticehip at a smaller company.

February 9th, 2021


Welcome to National Apprentice Week! Mike kicks us off with why he thinks that everybody wins with a degree apprenticeship.

February 8th, 2021

February Release

February 2nd, 2021

Tech Blog

Zahir shares his views about Operating Systems and which one's he uses everyday

January 28th, 2021


Willow shares her experience in becoming a customer support person guiding our customers with their problems

January 21st, 2021


Jessica and the other apprentices share their thoughts on working from home and being an apprentice during a pandemic

January 14th, 2021

Tech Tip

For our first post of 2021, Chris and Zahir have come up with a few phone recommendations that will be perfect for you to use with our engineers PDA app.

January 8th, 2021

December Release

December 24th, 2020

Feature Focus

James writes about a new feature he recently added in and explains how to use it. This feature allows you to clone maintenance schedules.

December 15th, 2020


The long awaited sequel to the importance of cake is finally here, James writes about how cake is still important during the pandemic and how we all got a pleasant surprise at our door

December 8th, 2020

November Release

November 25th, 2020

Hint of the Month

This month’s Hint of the Month is all about Job Queries, or commonly captioned Job Messages. Unlike notes on jobs, messages are designed to communicate something which requires action and once the action has been taken, the message can be closed.

November 11th, 2020

Tech Blog

A brief description of the developer environment's on our laptops.

October 28th, 2020

October Release

October 23rd, 2020


The first year of university has come to an end for James and Willow, they both have split in terms of their pathway choice, and have their own reasons for this. Read as they walk you through the reasoning for their choice!

October 15th, 2020


Mike explains what happened on the 16th of July 2020 when one of our servers failed over night. We were able to get it all back up and running in only 30 minutes. IT inevitably fails, how do you cope when it does?

October 7th, 2020

Hint of the Month

We have just launched our Youtube channel with a range of guides to setting up and using the system. The 'How to...' list is growing weekly, and the style is still evolving, but there is already of library of instructional videos that you can access whenever you want.

Read more to see the full list of videos.

October 5th, 2020

Tech News

We are always looking to improve our whole development stack, especially if we can catch technology as it makes the difficult jump from cutting edge to maturity.

This month we have been experimenting with Kotlin to add some quick features to our mobile application, and along the way learned something new about Cloud Messaging frameworks.

September 30th, 2020


Every year we have a fantasy football league that we invite anyone to join...finally the 2019/2020 winner can be announced!

Please get in touch if you want to be added to this year's league.

September 11th, 2020

August Release

August 25th, 2020

Hint of the Month

How to monitor recently added attachments. This includes photos taken by engineers as they are uploaded in real time from their phones.

July 10th, 2020


We are running a t-shirt competition - send us a picture of someone using our system to win a unique item of clothing!

July 3rd, 2020

Hint of the Month

Read here for more details about how Markus® RACSAMS has been tailored specifically for refrigeration and air conditioning industries and includes a number of unique features – including F-Gas tracking

June 26th, 2020

June Release

June 23rd, 2020


What is Cyber Essentials, and why we think it was important to be certified.

June 18th, 2020


Willow shares her experiences of helping us to sift the CVs for our 2020 apprenticeships.

May 29th, 2020

Tech News

Recently we launched our new server powered by AMD’s new line of Epyc CPUs.

May 18th, 2020


In less 'socially distant' times we would run a fortnightly sprint and a vital element to the Friday sprint review meeting was lots of cake.

Hopefully we'll be having cake again one day. In the meantime we are doing our best to honour agile development principles on a weekly cycle, in an uncertain world.

Here's why our apprentices think we need cake....

May 7th, 2020

Tech News

Kids in programming

James tries to ecourage children to take up coding.

April 23rd, 2020

Feature Focus

Updates to the Login Screen

Ian writes about the changes to the login screen schedued for the next release.

April 9th, 2020


Solution to help contractors through COVID-19

Ian explains why we've put together a coronavirus package to support contractors with 2 free days of implementation and training.

April 3rd, 2020


The office is open virtually, all systems go

Ian explains how Epix Systems is as fully prepared as can be for the foreseeable (until 8pm tonight?) future during this crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus.

March 23rd, 2020

Hint of the Month

Personalising the System

Chris explains how to personalise the system to suit your workflow and allowing you to see the information that is important to you.

March 20th, 2020

Feature Focus

Our new Green Announcement Blob

James writes about a feature he recently developed that allows us to announce new features that have been added to the system

March 19th, 2020

Feature Focus

Features for a lockdown

Our customers were asking us to help them during the current crisis - so we wrote a quick summary of all the small ways that our solution supports our customers during a lockdown, and the features they can access if needed.

March 16th, 2020

Tech News


Read about Tim talking about our new NVME SSD's and what aspects of your workflow they will improve. Also learn about the benefits of using NVME SSD's and how they behave in practice.

March 5th, 2020

Hint of the Month

Report Pinning

This month Ruth, our senior developer, is sharing a hint about pinning reports that will save you a lot of time.

February 21st, 2020

Team Building

January Team Building - Crazy Golf

Follow Willow through the 9-hole crazy golf course at Junk Yard Golf Club with the rest of the Epix Systems team for our January team building exercise

February 1st, 2020

Hint of the Month

Hint of the Month - Images

This month’s Hint of the Month is all about images and what you can do with them in the system. Hopefully this article should provide a few handy hints / tips and maybe a few things you didn’t know you could do...

November 21st, 2019

Team Building

Escape Room - Two Sides of the same story

James and Willow both give their accounts of an extremely traumatic experience at the Breakout Manchester.

November 6th, 2019

Feature Focus

Absence Bookings within the Mobile App

This time Chris has written about the new feature on the mobile application. We aren't just focusing on the mobile side, but the features tend to be a little easier to summarise.

September 27th, 2019


The Future of Employment

Following our success with the degree apprenticeship program hosted by MMU, we have taken on our second cohort of apprentices. Read more about why apprenticeships have become popular in recent times.

September 2nd, 2019

Feature Focus

Skip Mobile QA Survey

Zahir worked on a simple new feature on the mobile application so that residents can choose to skip the Mobile QA surveys

May 1st, 2019

Tech News

Do you need 5G?

Or do you just need a new phone? We are always looking at new technology to see how it would affect our software or our's our take on whether 5G will impact you.

March 1st, 2019


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