About Us

Epix was started in 1991, and we have been working closely with contractors of all shapes and sizes for more than 25 years to develop a suite of products to satisfy real business needs – to help our customers not only survive in these difficult time, but to prosper.

Unlike some companies who are always looking for the next sale, Epix truly value their customers and work hard to build the long-term relationships which have been the key to our continued survival through the 25 years. Throughout our history much of our business has come by word–of–mouth or recommendation.

So what makes us so special?

Our Experience

We take the time to understand our customer's businesses and we never forget that technology is just a tool – to enable companies to work quicker, better, smarter. We take a holistic approach to see where technology could remove redundant tasks, get rid of double handling, eliminate paperwork, provide better information – and most of all, we make it easier to use.

Some companies claim to specialise in everything but Epix has decided to concentrate on just a few markets where it can build up real expertise. This means that we not only bring our technical expertise to the table, we also bring a raft of experience built up over the years working with companies similar to yours.

Our Applications

All our applications are developed in house. This means we can keep them continually updated to suit the business needs of our customers without having to wait for a third party to 'get round to' producing an upgrade – and we can continually develop new products – not for their own sake but so we can equip our customers with the tools they need to stay ahead of their competition.

In the unlikely event of a problem with our software we can 'get under the hood' and fix it with the minimum delay – none of the finger pointing and delay that plagues systems written by multiple vendors.

Our Developers

All our developers are directly employed and work on our premises – we don't use contractors. This means we can respond very quickly to urgent requests and have full control of the development and support processes.

Our developers come from different backgrounds but they are all passionate about technology. They are determined to be the best and take it quite personally if anyone finds a fault with something they have written. We encourage them to be innovative and spend time looking for good ideas, new tools and better techniques.

Continuous Development

All our products are being continually developed and enhanced – not only to fix bugs, but also to make use from our customers' ideas to improve the products. This benefits our relationship with you by stimulating and encouraging open discussion about the development road map as well as regularly providing new features to all our customers and allowing us to maintain a common base product for everyone.

Job Control

Developed since 1991, our software increases efficiency, visibility and control throughout the lifetime of a job.


Hosting & Support

Secure, redundant data-centre hosting. Unparalleled support included in the price!


Mobile Working

Engineered from the ground up as a tool for responsive repairs and servicing on a high–performance platform.



Communicating with other systems is often required, and we're upto the task.