Life at Epix and the Degree Apprenticeship

By Filip, one of our two apprentices (February 1st, 2019)

Epix Systems is a small company, which is very good, for a starter, because in a small company “everybody matters”. This means that we share ideas, we interact a lot, we know what’s happening around the company, we are more likely to help each other and you learn to do more than what the job description says. You are included in ALL activities, which I, personally consider it a great advantage compared to working in a huge and “almost famous” company, for there you are more likely to be fixed on only one aspect of the job and work continuously on that. Also in a big company you can’t really be noticed from the huge number of workers, unless you do something outstanding that can be seen, heard or at least noticed by superiors.

As an apprentice at Epix Systems, I learn the traits of a programmer: using sql, php (in Eclipse), java (in Android Studio), debugging and searching for the shortest solution to a problem. Every time I need help with something that I don’t understand I can ask someone who knows and get an explanation of what I need to do and what went wrong. The people at the company are very friendly and very happy which suit me very well. I enjoy learning and developing my programming skills within this company, because it will help me later in life with future jobs on the same description (programming robots, automation or games programming, for example). I think that Epix (and a small company in general) is an excellent place to be, for I am developing my skills in multiple areas with the same job description.

I have applied to this degree apprenticeship through the Manchester Metropolitan University, so I both work at Epix and study at MMU. Life at MMU is great. Teachers are very helpful and I learn new skills which I can apply and use at work or back home. The students are very nice, sometimes we help each other. The presentations and the lectures are great and very informative for the given assignments. Of course, I’m in my first year as an apprentice.

Both the company and the university are great and amazing. I strongly recommend.

Visit our Apprentice Vacancies 2019 for more information on how to apply for a degree apprenticeship position.

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