Feature Focus - Show Absence Bookings within the Mobile App

By Chris, one of our implementation team (September 2019)

(We are always listening to our customers' requests for new features. Today's focus is on a fairly simple change to the mobile app to support a feature that has been part of engineer booking and allocation in the back office for over 10 years. Stangely nobody ever asked us to do this before....)

A recent request we've had from a couple of customers is the ability to view absences/'other busy' appointments on the mobile device. Ideal to remind an operative when they are supposed to be at the dentist or when they are on a training course.

There is not extra work involved for users to get these transferred to the engineers. An absence booking is created in the normal way in the back office using the diary:

When the operative dials in on their device they will see the absences on their Places to Go screen just as they do with jobs:

Operatives don't need to accept these as they are not 'jobs', they are simply there as a reminder.

This new feature is controlled by a system option and subject to your PDA app build being sufficiently up to date.

(To enable this feature your back-office system needs to be on r20190822 or later, and your mobile app needs to be after 1st August - if you need an update then please get in touch)

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