Blog Update - Free implementation during COVID-19

By Ian (April 3rd, 2020)

This is a difficult time for repairs and maintenance contractors, everything is constantly evolving. The daily advice from government swings from telling you to lockdown your staff and close your offices, to continue to complete essential repairs and safety certificates. Somehow you’ve got to know that yesterday you were only doing emergency repairs so you furloughed most of your staff to keep them safe, but tomorrow your biggest clients are going to insist you also have to keep doing the annual certificates or else you’ll lose your contract.

From looking at the contractors using our hosted systems we’ve seen a 65% drop in mobile engineers doing any work, a 60% drop in jobs from clients, and a 50% reduction in back office staff keeping businesses ticking over. At the start of March our contractors were asking us for little things to help them continue working safely – for example pre-visit COVID-19 risk assessments for all jobs, additional warnings about households self-isolating, and additional status reports flowing back over their interfaces to clients. These quick tweaks have helped our contractors to make the transition to working from home, and we are at home too, but mostly our systems “just worked” and seamlessly supported the new working practices.

However, we don’t think every contractor was as prepared for lockdown. Maybe they’ve been struggling with paper systems for years, or maybe they have a dusty server in the corner of the office running software written by a friend, or maybe their shiny new system just wasn’t up to it when finally called on to deliver.

In these challenging times we’d like to help. We’ve put together a “free implementation” package for building maintenance contractors and ACR contractors who need a system urgently. We aim to get an emergency solution working with a free day of data setup, a free day of video conference training, and the first month free.

This isn’t intended to be a full system setup with all the whistles and bells that we would normally implement, and it isn’t expected that you will be running a full office, but it will be more than enough to get you working again if you are stuck. However, it will be the complete system. If you like it and you need more capabilities once the country starts to recover, we will be able to easily train you on all the features, and quickly set up the fully integrated solution.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling to keep up with emergency repairs then read about our solution here.

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