How to Apply for A Epix! It always starts with your CV

By Willow, an apprentice IT consultant here at Epix

Last year around this time I was applying for an apprenticeship with multiple companies, and now a year later a new wave of hopeful students are eagerly applying hopeful for a place. Still, people seem to always make mistakes within this process, from bad English and submitting an old CV. Due to many of the candidates in this year's wave making the same mistakes, I will be giving the do’s and don'ts when it comes to submitting a CV to Epix Systems.

Hurdles (Image Credit : Isiwal/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0)

Remember, the CV will be the first thing to give us a proper impression of you, so it's important to get this right. This year we've not only had people who have applied with us multiple times in a row, but also many more mistakes, those of which I'll be listing the top five down below:

1. Not Enough Information

This has plagued us with most of the CVs, as people seem to think listing their skills will give us enough information. For example, if someone puts “I know Python and other languages”, then we can’t fully judge this statement, it raises questions such as “how long ago did you start learning Python? What other languages are there? Was it just python in school or outside?”. It can make moving people into the next stage difficult, as we can’t fully judge your ability in this with one single line.

2. Too Much Information

On the opposite end of things, some people submitted CVs that looked more like a biography. CVs are typically meant to be 1-2 pages, sometimes 3 though it is stretching it, which is why it was gruelling to have to sit there and read 5 pages, most of it about your cute dog. Yes the dog is cute, but we don't need to know this!

3. Know What You Are Applying For

This is something that was highlighted to me both within an open evening that I attended in November and as well as within some of the CVs that were received. If you don't know what you're applying for, make sure you find out or else when you submit your CV and you haven't added anything truly relevant to where you're applying for, you're causing yourself to not get very far within the applicant process.

This aspect also makes it important to also ensure your CV is relevant to the role as if you are listing off work experience and skills that aren't important to the role, makes it seem like you're under qualified. This doesn't mean every aspect of your CV should be about the position but writing about how you play on your Colleges Football team is not something I want to read about when you're applying for an IT role.

4. Bad English and Layout

Employers are always looking for the best of the bunch, and it’s exactly the same here at Epix. Though we sometimes do give the benefit of the doubt in this area, you will still increase your chances by just making sure you use punctuation properly, not having four lots of “and” in the same sentence, and knowing when to start a new paragraph rather than leaving it as a large block of text.

The same goes when it comes to the layout, and making sure that the right information goes into the correct space. A great example of this is your key skills, this needs to be short simple bullet points that you then expand on when you talk about your previous experience. If you can’t find anywhere to describe the skill you can still leave it in your key skills, they just wont seem as strong.

5. Giving the Right Examples

Showing the basics is good, but if you can only show the basics then it’s not that impressive and fails to leave a big impact. We asked people to send code and some of it seemed like they had followed basic tutorials, and hadn't extended this or attempted to make anything of their own. When you're trying to get a job you need to stand out and show off, or else you'll be buried in the crowd, and when submitting previous work, this can easily push you in front of everyone else.


When applying for any job, by just double checking that your CV feels right, as well as making sure you're fitting your CV around the type of job, then your chances of being hired already increase. The little things really do matter when it comes to making a CV, so making sure you avoid basic mistakes that lots of people seem to make, you're then already pushing yourself in front of the crowd.

If you are interested in working at Epix, then you can go to our vacancy tab - however we have filled all the positions for this 2020's apprenticeships, so look back later in the year for positions in 2021.

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