Hint of the Month - F-Gas Log

(June 26th, 2020)

This month’s Hint of the Month is all about tracking refrigerant movements and generating the F-Gas Log. For our ACR customers the process consists of two distinct elements - the mobile application recording the movements, and the back office managing the data to produce the F-Gas log. Throughout the process both the gas AND the cylinders are tracked so you know where all your cylinders are, and what gas they have in them.

Mobile Application Refrigerant Tracking

Where applicable the mobile application, used by engineers, can be set up to fully track cylinder and gas movements. On initial entry a cylinders barcode can be scanned, and subsequently used as a reference through out the system. There are some sample screens shots below to show you some of the features available within the mobile application. If you are interested in other the options available please contact us

Engineers have a number of options to enable them to track cylinders, including collecting cylinders from suppliers and depots, returning cylinders to suppliers and depot, and swapping cylinders with other engineers.

Rather than having to repeatedly type cylinder references, which is inherently error prone, the engineers are simply offered the list of available cylinders. This includes the facility to easily search the lists by entering partial references, or simply scanning the barcodes.

When a new cylinder is entered on the mobile application the engineers can scan the cylinder's barcode to ensure the details are correct.

Whilst completing jobs on site the engineers are presented with a simple workflow to control the information they can record.

The options available to the engineers are configurable to match whatever your requirements are, however they typically include the ability to capture checklists and surveys against assets, record work done, and record parts used. This includes recording leak-tests.

Additionally, the engineer can record both gas reclaim and gas inserted into a circuit or asset.

To record insertion or removal of gas the appropriate cylinder is selected from the drop down list, or they can have the barcode scanned. Picking the gas type automatically filters the list of available cylinders.

Whilst on-site any reclaimed gas is available to be recorded as being re-inserted into assets, but once the engineer completes this visit the reclaimed gas is locked to prevent it being selected by accident.

The quantity of gas used is validated against the gas in the cylinder. Gas movements recorded against the asset automatically show up as a cost on the job, a stock movement for the engineer, and also in the F-Gas log.

Back office reporting

The back office also provides the ability to record all the same cylinder and refrigerant tracking information as a backup for the mobile application. Regardless of where they were recorded, these movements can also be made visible in the back office in a variety of places.

The job sheet can be personalised to show reclaimed cost lines and gas movements.

Visibility is also available against each site or piece of equipment registered in the system. One of the most popular option being ‘Print Gas Log’ which gives the user direct access into a related f-gas log. The F-Gas log includes refrigerant movements, details of all work carried out, and record of leak-tests completed.

There is further reporting available for all movements in a period, and all stock levels - both these can be filtered by engineer / location / gas type / cylinder reference.

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