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(July 10th, 2020) How to monitor recently uploaded attachments.

Our software includes support for uploading all sorts of attachments (like photos, emails, method statemets, quotes etc) to jobs, sites, asset registers, and as client notes. The mobile application also allows engineers to upload photos during their visit, and includes the ability to force before and after photos, and gather photographic evidence on compliance surveys. In this month's blog we look at how you can easily see these being uploaded into the system in realtime.....

In the past photos didn’t appear in the back office until after the engineer finished the job. During a recent contractor meeting, it became apparent that engineers often phone their office to talk about issues they’ve encountered on a job. When an engineer does this, they make frequent references to photos they’ve just taken. The contractor queried if it would be possible to get the mobile application to send photos back quicker and if anything could be done to make recent attachments more visible in the back office system. Consequently both features are now available.

To ensure photos come back sooner from the mobile application you need to update the latest version available. In order to see them in the back office, you need to personalise your dashboard. Click the personalise option at the bottom of the main dashboard. Set the ‘Recently Added Attachment’ option (near the bottom of the list) to appear.

Personalise the dashboard

Monitoring Recently Added Photos

The dashboard will now appear allowing the back office staff to track photos as they are being added to jobs via the mobile application.

Viewing the dashboard

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