Hint of the Month - Job Queries / Messages

By Chris (11th November 2020)

Getting Started

To use Job Messages you will need the job sheet report and relevant dashboard widget(s) which control this.

If you don’t already have these active you will need to Personalise them onto your job sheet/dashboard.

(See our article on personalisation for hints on how to do this)

The items you need are:

Dashboard Widgets

There are two available, add both and see which works best for what you’re doing…

Job messages by query type | job messages by who raised the query

Job Sheet Report

Job messages

Message Types

The dashboard presents the messages by Message Type – this is essentially a subject / category for the message.

These can be customised, just get in touch with us and we can adapt the list of available options for you.

For example, some of our customers use message types to flag messages for the attention of a particular person.

The dashboard can also present the messages broken down by who raised them, how you use this depends on what you’re doing with the messages.

How to add a message to a job

On the top of the job sheet click the Add Message button:

Add Message blue button

Type your message, choose the Message Type and once done, click Continue:

A form to add a message

Provided you have added the report to the job sheet, you will see your message like this:

A message table

Viewing the message on the Dashboard

We have two widgets which show the messages (job queries), the example one is highlighted.

2 tables

Click on any of the blue numbers to view the messages which relate to it.

(Both dashboard widgets launch the same report)

a table

Responding to a Message

From the report above, click the View button.

Type a response, if the message is actioned and ‘closed’ also tick the Closed option, then click Continue:

a form to add a response

The message now shows as closed and the response details now show on the report on the job sheet:

A table

Closing a Message

Closing a message marks it as ‘closed’ in the system and no thus no longer visible on the dashboard.

(The messages are still visible in the job sheet and the history lines which relate to it are still there, we just stop it showing on the dashboard as a message which requires action)

Additional Dashboard Personalisation

If you click on the report filters button on the dashboard widget as below:

Job messages table

You can specify to Breakdown by Message Type:

edit filters table

Now the dashboard widget looks like this… notice the more detailed breakdown by message types filtered by who raised the message:

Job messages table

Additional Information

As always, please get in touch with us if you have any queries. Likewise, if you wish to add any message types to the system for maybe logging messages to specific people like the example above.

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