Fantasy Football 2011–2012: Half–Time Report

We are finally at the half way point of the season, and the league is beginning to settle into a steady shape. Whilst the rest of the world is keenly following the scores in the Premier League, we know that the only real results worth watching are in the Epix Fantasy Premier League.

Current League Standings

This time last year Michael Gingell of Steele-Davis was firmly established as the highest scoring customer, and this year sees him maintaining this lofty position – a feat made even more impressive when you discover that he was the only customer in the league for the 2010-2011 season, and so was also ruggedly holding on in the relegation spot. At the opposite end of the league we see Andy Mortimer of Albino Builders bringing up the rear for the customers, just managing to keep within striking distance of Karl Roberts from DLP. When asked about his poor performance near the bottom of the league, Karl said,

“...I'm a big Manchester United fan, so I obviously know next to nothing about football...”

This season's biggest winners and losers are both family members. Ian's wife, Joanna Mellor, is doggedly preserving all the customers' reputations by holding the bottom spot, whilst Stephen's son-in-law, Pete Heywood, is leading the way and setting himself up as a target. Pete is very proud of his position and is certain he knows how he has been such a success:

“...I'm a big Manchester United fan, which explains how I know so much about football...”

Once you look behind the individual performances you can see that football truly is a team game, and the real story for this season is that the staff at Epix systems are obviously better at Fantasy Football than either their families, or customers. The average family score is a pitiful 874, with the customers barely staying ahead on 876 points – but the Epix team have an average of 929, completely eclipsing the opposition.

It might be a game of two halves, but at this rate the season is going to be won by Pete, which is not in anyone's interests. So, if you are in the league already please try and do better, and if you want to join in the just email over your details and we'll add you in.

Good luck with the rest of the season!

By Ian, Jan 13th, 2012

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