Android Tablets Take Over The World

Building upon the unrivalled success of the iPhone, technology giant Apple jump–started a stagnant tablet market with the release of the iPad in April 2010. After a strong advertising campaign and near–unanimous praise for their user–centric approach, the Cupertino outfit achieved sales in excess of 9 million units over an eight–month period. This success clearly galvanised the competition, as now companies including HTC, Microsoft and Blackberry have their own variety of models available, the majority of which are powered by the Android platform.

Although many users only use their devices for entertainment, tablets also possess the potential to revolutionise work processes in your business. Having recently ported Mobile Worker to the Android OS, tasks once carried out on a clipboard can easily be replaced with a tablet and stylus. Engineers can carry out their work using a portable device to record details of materials used and work completed. This, combined with wireless connectivity, provides the capability to maintain a real–time view of your company which can have an immediate impact on your bottom line – both in increasing the efficiency of your engineers and reducing back–office costs.

As recently demonstrated with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom, the future will continue to blur the distinction between tablet and laptop, boasting multi–core processors and greater storage capacity neatly packaged in ever–smaller form factors. Furthermore, in a move that will prove its worth in the workplace, styluses will slowly become ubiquitous, providing enhanced accuracy for users interacting with software that requires fine–grained control.

With a recent study1 demonstrating that 10% of all consumers either own or are considering the purchase of a tablet device, it is apparent that this is the year of the tablet.

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By Chris, May 20th, 2011

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