Construction Purchasing

Unfortunately we are no longer actively selling this product - however we have a number of existing customers still using this legacy solution, and we are committed to delivering continuing support, bug fixes, and bespoke changes. If you are an exsiting customer and are looking for assistance then please get in touch directly.

Our company was founded in 1991 on purchase order processing for the construction industry, with our first product designed and developed by an ex-industry buyer. We have built on this sound foundation by continuously developing the product for the last 20 years to produce a high performance, dependable and robust solution.

Whilst we have striven to keep the the product simple to use we have also added all the features needed to allow you to conveniently monitor the entire purchasing process and keep control of the economic factors affecting your business. Additional modules to support processes directly from site have adapted the product to give you and your site managers a convenience package to manage the who purchasing process from requisition to invoice.

Our construction purchasing product's primary functions include processing of requisitions, processing of orders, recording deliveries and recording invoices. Whilst it supports all these functions it adapts to the processes you want and cuts out unneeded processes so you can have as simple, or as detailed a system as you need.


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  • Increased Visibility

    Linking orders and deliveries to invoices gives immediate access to the full history of the order when accounts pay the suppliers. This allows errors introduced by the supplier to be intercepted before payment.

    Providing catalogues of agreed prices the purchasing team can be sure the supplier is providing a consistent service. Full history with a supplier improves your price negotiating ability.

    Full visibility of requisitions allows mangers to control the flow of materials to site to make sure all projects can be progressed smoothly.

    Order details can be emailed to all interested parties giving immediate visibility of all orders as they are placed.

  • Reduced Paperwork Costs

    By integrating requisitions directly into purchase orders via web-interface or office system a whole layer of communication is removed. Site agents are able to query the system directly to monitor the progress of materials and plant required by them.

    Electronically linking orders, deliveries and invoices provides immediate cost reductions responding to queries and managing the payment process. Your accounts team can instantly see the original prices agreed and can see the full history of deliveries and previous invoices.

    Direct interfaces, via fax or email, to suppliers reduces printed orders and provides an audit trail of transactions. Interfacing invoices to accounts systems removes the need for double–entry whilst giving the accounts team full access to the history of an order.

  • Instant Financial Reports – Accruals and Reserves

    The system is able to instantly produce a list of all accruals and reserves so the monthly accounting dash to produce cost information is transformed into a single button press. Detailed history of accruals can be stored for future analysis.

  • Control

    All users are given specific authority in the system. Where they are allowed to place orders their limit can be controlled, reference to Bill–of–Quantities enforced and specific prices/products allowed.

    All orders can proceed through authorisation stages, and all orders can generate notification emails to allow real time visibility of all orders placed.


To view each feature, please click on the appropriate tab.

  • Order Production

    Our flexible approach allows for a number of methods to raise purchase orders. These include ad–hoc ordering, automatic and manual conversion from requisitions, using preferred suppliers, restock orders from a stores system, call-off orders, composite orders and completely free text entry orders.

    Orders are backed by a full category and product catalogue built from your own internal codes or based on suppliers codes. All products can be linked to supplier prices so you can be sure your costs are up-to-date.

  • Site System

    Using a web based interface the site agents can raise requisitions and record deliveries completely paper free over the internet. They can monitor the progress of their requisitions and orders reducing the need to pester the buying department with unnecessary queries.

    The site system also includes the reports needed to enable the site agent to mange the site effectively.

  • Requisitions

    Site and office users can raise requisitions which can be directly referenced from purchase orders giving you a reliable authorisation for all orders.

    The requisitions link into the same product catalogue as purchase make the transition from a requisition to an order a simple process of picking lines.

    Requisitions also support the full-flexibility of free text entry and composite products.

  • Plant Hire

    The system manages the hire process for non–purchased items, the purchase of consumables and the delivery/collection charges. The on-hire period is monitored with delivery, exchange and collection dates recorded in the system including the movement of plant between your own sites.

    Plant is only costed to a site for the period it is there allowing you to accurately attribute the costs and generate correct reserves.

  • Goods Receipting and Invoicing

    When a delivery is recorded it is matched to an order. When an invoice is recorded it is cross-referenced to the orders and deliveries to allow you to confirm agreed price and authorised quantity to prevent supplier errors from propagating through to payment.

    From the entered delivery and invoicing information the system can produce detailed accruals and reserves. Invoices can be interfaced across to a number of accounts packages including Axim, Evolution, Sage and Quickbooks.

  • Vendor Rating

    As part of your compliance with ISO 9000/9001/9002 the web based system allows the rating of suppliers and subcontractors on a number of weighted criteria. The system collates the ratings automatically to approve or ban suppliers and subcontractors depending on their performance.

  • e–Commerce

    The office system is able to fax or email your orders directly to the suppliers as you raise them. Supplier invoices can be interfaced to your accounts systems and information can be received from other packages including estimating systems.

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