Call Centre

Our call centre was designed from day one with goals of simplicity and adaptability to give a dependable diagnosis no matter who handles the call from your customer. The scripted process and dynamic allocation ensure economic and safe utilisation of your workforce which has an immediate impact on your performance and improves how your organisation appears to your customers. By designing the system to be web–based we allow you the convenience to deploy the application to best suit your needs.

Our software is intended to be used by front line support staff taking calls from customers; tenants, premises managers and end users. Its primary functions include capturing the caller details, the asset they are calling about, the faults relating to these assets and booking an appointment for an engineer to attend.

In order to accurately and efficiently record the details of the call and fault our call centre software have been designed as a scripted process to guide the users through all stages of the call and give quick access to previous calls and jobs. The use of non–technical language and scripted responses is intended to assist the normal customer service staff to make an expert and predictable diagnosis.

Typical deployments range in size from a couple of users managing less than a thousand properties, up to a 40–seat call centre taking 150,000 calls per year for 40,000 assets – on the first day of going live this larger organisation was able to complete jobs within 45 minutes of the call being received, and by the end of the first month had doubled the number of jobs completed on the same day as the fault was reported.


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  • Reduced Training Costs

    Typically initial training takes under 2 hours. Changes to process and business logic are encapsulated within the application so you don't need to retrain staff whenever your working practices change.

    The system automatically codes up jobs to match the client's requirements which means you can extend you client–base and react to contract changes without needed to interrupt front–line call centre staff with length retraining session.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

    The scripted process means that all your customers receive the same level of service no matter which member of staff takes the call.

    Historical data is easily accessible to help your call centre staff quickly respond to repeated problems, or failure following a previous call. The intelligent diagnostic adapts over time to better reflect your own faults and outcomes so the tenant gets a more appropriate action suitable for their problem.

  • Reduced No Access Rates

    Automated communications remind the customer that a repair has been requested which dramatically improves access rates.

    By scheduling the appointment with real-time engineer availability you are better able to book an appointment that suits the customer and will be kept.

  • Better Utilised Workforce

    Real-time scheduling and booking are at the heart of guaranteeing that your workforce is fully utilised. Configurable load settings allow you to reserve capacity to meet emergency call targets whilst spreading non-urgent work.

  • Improved First Fix Rate

    By gathering more information about the fault and tailoring the questions to suit your own requirements you can increase the accuracy of the details sent to your engineers. This gives more information to the intelligent allocation to correctly match the right engineer to the tasks. It also means the engineer has more information before they arrive on site so they can ensure they have the correct parts and tools to do the job.


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  • Intelligent Diagnostics

    Powerful customer defined questions give you accurate diagnosis. Response to the questions allow you to define the work required, priority, cost code, trade and suppliers appropriate for the job.

    Changes to business logic can be easily implemented in diagnostic process thus avoiding the need to retrain your customer service staff and guaranteeing new process are followed correctly.

  • Visual Fault Selection

    Non-technical staff are guided through a series of customer defined drill down images to aid fault selected. Faults are displayed using context sensitive ranked lists which appear when the user clicks on an area of the image.

  • Asset Repair History

    A list of live jobs at the selected asset are shown to prevent duplicate recording of faults. The user can drill down into these jobs to view them in more detail. From the job the user can also rearrange access, add notes, pass a message to the contractor, record a complaint and request a post-inspection.

  • Real–Time Appointments

    Appointments are based on real-time availability to avoid over booking or resources. The availability is calculated using region, trade, skill level, rate of work and current workload of each engineer. This calculation also includes spare capacity to allow from emergencies and overruns.

    The system uses a graphical calendar which displays the availability of the appropriate engineers. The system recommends slots based on the rules defined by you using colour coded screens for ease of use. Additional access notes along with reasons for appointments booked out of priority are also recorded.

  • Instant Issuing

    Where the urgency of the job or the working practices of your organisation require it jobs can be instantly issued to engineers.

  • Automatic Communications

    Communications can be generated at the end of a call to remind your customers of the details and any appointments.

  • Integrated Asset Register

    Full integration to available asset data ensures that specialised access rules, important site details and standard notes are available to your staff whilst handling the call.

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