Are you in control?

Do you have lots of small jobs, tight deadlines, engineers who don't complete their jobsheets, complex KPI reports to produce, noisy customers who demand to know why every screw was used, and piles of invoices that aren't getting paid? Epix has been working with contractors just like you since 1991, and we have seen every problem that you have.

Epix provide a fully integrated mobile working and a back office solution that covers all the day-to-day processes of your admin team and your engineers. We give you real-time dashboards to show everyone the important processes in your organisation. We manage the jobs, engineers, purchase orders, invoicing, and everything between. We produce KPI reports for your customers at the click of a button, and can even give your customers (limited!) open-book access to their repairs via a portal login. Every screen has been written to solve a real-world problem and gather the information you need to manage your world.

The mobile application has been written so that even fat-fingered engineers can use it; the back office balances simplicity with a huge depth and bredth of data for your admin team to keep on top of everything.

For details of how we can get you connect to your clients call Ian on 0161 477 2343 or fill in the form so we can get back to you.

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Mobile Working

Benefits: increased productivity, reduced administration costs, increased control, increased visibility, better utilised workforce, faster charging for work

Job Control

Benefits: increased visibility, increased control, reduced aministration costs, increased recorvery of costs, increased security and resilience

Client Integration

Benefits: remove the cost of double entry, improve the accuracy of information by removing human error, reduced chase up calls from clients

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Our Vision

Epix Systems was found in 1991 by Stephen Earl. We started out producing software for the construction and building maintenance sectors. We have always aimed to be a company, known for the highest standards of service and support. We produce software that is the best in its design, application and use. We strive to help our customers succeed and grow. Our primary purpose is to benefit our customers and our staff.