Repairs management at a safe distance

Do you need a system that will enable your staff and engineers to work remotely?

Do you need to minimise, monitor, and report on contact with residents?

Do you need to get back to invoicing your customers as quickly as possible?

Since 1991 we have been providing contractors with our fully featured building repairs and service management solution. Our back office "admin" modules are all browser based so your office staff can work from anywhere - making it trivial to work from home. Our Android application for your engineers supports start of day checks to help monitor correct PPE, pre-visit risk assessments to track and monitor social distancing, asset/site based warnings to make them and you aware of where there is an identified COVID-19 risk, post-visit asset register to monitor and track new risks, pre-visit photos to prove attendance, and post-visit photos so you don't even need to pass the device to the resident to sign to prove you have completed the work.

As your customers ramp up the repairs back to pre-March levels, you can use our GDPR compliant cloud solution to enable your office staff to record jobs from your customers, issue them directly to your engineers in the field, who can record what they have done, what materials they have used, and take photos - without having to bring everyone into the office every day. All of this information is then available in real time to you, allowing you to invoice for jobs as they are completed and get cash flowing again. This will allow you to get your business back on its feet, and also give you a solid reliable platform to go forward from.

We are offering free implementation for systems to get you back to work. This will be carried out using zoom video conferencing, email, and phone conferencing. We are able to offer remote training sessions for several staff at the same time from the safety of their own home.

What you get:

  • 1 day free remote core system setup
  • 1 day free tele-conference basic training
  • a fully featured off the shelf service management solution
  • setup including the core customer information that you need to cover emergency repairs
  • remote training for raising work, allocating work, completing jobs on mobile app, costing, and invoicing
  • training on how to create new customers
  • customisations to existing invoice and order templates to support your logos and branding
  • fully secure hosting and support
  • Unlimited (fair use!) telephone/email support
  • 1st calendar month free

Systems start from as small as 2 admin users, and 3 mobile engineers costing £300 pcm - but we are quite comfortable all the way to 100 engineers and beyond!

We will work closely with you to configure your system to suit you, and load your data from templates that we will send to you. Our goal will be to get you up and running with as little fuss as possible so that you can begin to work more normally once again. Once we've got you back to work for your biggest clients, we will help you grow the system as your workload returns to normal, and the rest of your team return from furlough. We understand that this is a difficult time for all contractors, so we will focus on the parts of the system that get you working in this unpredictable period, and then give you a springboard for growth once lock-down is well behind us. Once the crisis is over we can flexibly adjust user numbers, add additional free modules (like PPM Scheduling, purchasing, or cyclical/LGSR testing), implement integration with your clients, or just provide more training for the bits you didn't need on day 1.

For details of how we can help you get a solution in, and working, call Ian on 0161 477 2343, or fill in the form so we can get back to you.

If you want to see the sorts of ways that we have helped our customers already during the lockdown you can read about it here.

If you think your training/setup needs than 2 days then give us a call - we are still working and have the resource for bigger implementations too.

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Mobile Working

Benefits: increased productivity, reduced administration costs, increased control, increased visibility, better utilised workforce, faster charging for work

Job Control

Benefits: increased visibility, increased control, reduced aministration costs, increased recorvery of costs, increased security and resilience

Client Integration

Benefits: remove the cost of double entry, improve the accuracy of information by removing human error, reduced chase up calls from clients

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Why contact Epix? We are different to most other software firms: we are engineers who can write software and as part of our approach whenever a customer contacts us we ask the following: What are the problems they are facing? What is consuming their time? What could be done better? How much money can we save them? How can we make them more successful? We have 28 years experience of providing solutions that are affordable and work. And we don’t stop when the system is installed – we continue to spend time with our customers as their businesses grow, enhancing our systems to give them the features they need – and keep them ahead of the competition.