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Epix Systems Ltd was formed in 1991 and one of our first projects was to provide a system for an electrical contractor who was drowning with paperwork, a problem that still afflicts many companies today. Often electrical contractors will have really good paper systems and spreadsheets that provide you with an amount of control but it's time consuming and easy for things to get lost or overlooked.

Another problem that is common throughout the industry is getting the paperwork back from the engineers. That can sometimes take a week or more and the quality (not to mention the legibility) of their records can leave a lot to be desired. It is not unusual to hear of engineers writing out their record for the whole day while they are having their tea!!

Free Your Engineers From Paperwork

The problem of getting paperwork back and the need for an accurate record of attend time and work done was part of the reason we first developed PDA software back in 2001. This can transform a business. Jobs are received on the engineer's PDA without any need to call into the office or to have time consuming conversations over the telephone. The engineer records what work they have done while they are on site on the PDA, records what parts they have used, fills in any certificates, lists any further work required and obtains the customer's signature. Traveling and working times are automatically captured and time stamped (no more time sheets!!) and apart from checking back in the office, the paperwork is done.

When we were writing the PDA software we realised that there are areas of poor reception so we made sure our application could store data on the device and 'catch up' once it was back in range. We also know that companies do not want to get hit with large data costs so we made the data transmission really efficient. We support the latest range of Android devices so you can use a smartphone, a rugged PDA or a tablet – or you leave it for the engineers to chose what suits them best.

Automatic Timesheets
Electrical Safety Certificates
Risk Assessments
Materials Usage
Completed Work
Onsite Signatures and QA
Optional GPS Tracking
Photo Attachments
Asset Register
Out-of-hours Emergency Repairs
Site History
Managed Diary and Task List
Realtime Status Updates
Disconnected Working
Optimised Data Transfer
Stock Control
Buying Direct From Merchants
Automatic Updates

Complete Solution

Whilst our Android App is the conerstone of reducing paperwork and cutting out costly processes, our solution is designed to cover so much more...

  • Cloud Based Back Office

  • Our office software is browser based so it does not need installing - simply bookmark the URL. We host it as well so there is no need to worry about installing servers or keeping backups - we do all that for you. We have also designed the system to be accessible via mobile broadband if you are out on the road and, being hosted and browser based, if you want to work from home all you need is a broadband connection.

    The back office system covers all your sales order processing needs, from receiving repairs requests, maintenance schedules, and installation projects, all the way through to sending your customers their invoices using a flexible work flow. We also manage all your engineer allocation using shared calenders, including non-work time and absence booking. We have a huge range of reports - covering KPIs, management reports, day-to-day control reports, and financial reporting. The system integrates letter production, sending emails, asset registers, jobsheet attachments, and much more into a single reliable solution.

  • Realtime dashboard

  • Our office software has a realtime dashboard so you can see where all your engineers are and what jobs they are working on or traveling to. You can also see how much work they have on and whether you need to re-allocate it to someone else. Jobs that have stalled because you need to order special materials or you couldn't get access, for example, are also displayed on this front screen so they don't get overlooked. If performance is an issue we can show realtime KPIs as well.

    All the dashboard panels automatically refresh to give you a realtime view of your organisation, and inidividual dashboards can be quickly personalised to show the information you are most interestd in.

  • Stock Control

  • If you need to keep control of stock we have that covered. We can provide you with a simple to use stock control system. The engineers' vans are treated as if they are stores and materials are booked out onto a job. We can put in place automatic re-ordering systems to ensure that van stock is replenished, record ad-hoc purchases from merchants by engineers, and support full purchase order processing in the back office.

  • Simple To Use

  • At Epix, our staff are all practical people. We have been in this business for 22 years and we know the sort of people who will be using our software so we have designed it to suit you. We try and make our software easy to use and we also make sure that you can configure it to suit you personal taste. All our software is developed in house so we have the ability to change anything if we need to. We have a policy of continual development so we try and take on board any good ideas that our customers come up and build those into the products. We don't expect you to be experts in how to setup our software, and how to manage your data from day one so we work closely with you to make sure you can get the most benefit out of our experience with other contractors.

  • Electronic Data Interchange - Interface With Your Clients

  • Some of our customers need to connect their systems to their clients or their suppliers systems and we have done this many times. We have successfully interfaced to the big housing systems such as IBS, Orchard, Aareon QL, Northgate SX3 and Civica Universal Housing as well as to a variety of commercial systems and bespoke applications. Our developers are all employed in house and we are able to meet whatever requirements the client’s application provider throws at us – even when they do not fully understand it themselves!

    Once you are generating realtime information flowing directly from your engineers you may find that your customers want to get access to this information quickly. We can provide a full client portal for your customers to access their information. They are limited to just their work, and can only see the information that you give them permission to see.

We've only really scratched the surface of what our software can do, and the level of support we can provide to your organisation. For more information or a demonstration ring us on 0161 477 2343 or fill in our Contact Us page.

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