Do you need to interface with your clients?

Your clients will often expect you to provide integration to their system as a mandatory requirement of the contract - so you are forced to get it working. We can deliver successful interface projects (even when your existing supplier has already failed), and as a bonus we can make sure it delivers benefits to you too - savings in data entry, removing transcription errors, and reducing the number of wasted phone calls with your clients.

They can call it by different names - interfacing, integration, APIs, electronic data interchange (EDI), real-time data transfer - but they are all the same to us. The only three constants in all interface projects is that your client thinks they understand what they have asked for, they say their end works when it doesn't, and they will never change anything even if their system is broken.

We could try to make it sound complicated, but we have built into our solution the ability to finely control what data we surface to clients, and how we surface it so that we can do whatever your clients want. We have worked with old fashioned file transfers, funky webservices, RESTful interfaces, and real-time portals. We have transferred data as CSV, XML, JSON, and fixed width. We can be the "server" that hosts the data transfers, or the "client" to connect to their server.

Since 1991 Epix has successfully completed 65 integration projects between 34 clients and 27 of our contractors. For details of how we can get you connected to your clients call Ian on 0161 477 2343 or fill in the form so we can get back to you.

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Mobile Working

Benefits: increased productivity, reduced administration costs, increased control, increased visibility, better utilised workforce, faster charging for work

Job Control

Benefits: increased visibility, increased control, reduced aministration costs, increased recorvery of costs, increased security and resilience

Client Integration

Benefits: remove the cost of double entry, improve the accuracy of information by removing human error, reduced chase up calls from clients

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Our Vision

Why contact Epix? We are different to most other software firms: we are engineers who can write software and as part of our approach whenever a customer contacts us we ask the following: What are the problems they are facing? What is consuming their time? What could be done better? How much money can we save them? How can we make them more successful? We have 28 years experience of providing solutions that are affordable and work. And we don’t stop when the system is installed – we continue to spend time with our customers as their businesses grow, enhancing our systems to give them the features they need – and keep them ahead of the competition.