Is Paperwork Consuming Your Profits?

Does your firm carry out responsive maintenance and/or cyclic servicing? Have you every worked out how much your paperwork costs?

When you add up the time spent in the office recording jobs, allocating and printing them, the time your engineers spend collecting, filling out and returning paperwork, the time spent checking job sheets, costing and invoicing them, the time spent filing and the time spent correcting errors... you could find that the paperwork costs more to do than the actual work.

Our research shows that up to 56 minutes can be spent performing administration tasks for a typical housing repair job, and if your industry is overloaded with regulations like CP12s and F-Gas this can be even higher. With correct use of IT to allow electronic integration with clients, automatic process and mobile working it is possible to cut this time down to just 5 minutes of admin time per job. We can't cut out the work of actually completing the jobs but in an organisation with 20 engineers this can quickly add up to a mind–blowing £350K per year.

Add into the pot an improved first–time fix rate, a reduction in no–accesses, reduced travel time by improving allocation, better recovery of costs by fully capturing all time and materials used on jobs, faster turn around to invoice jobs, and enabling multiple jobs on the same visit and we can provide dramatic efficiency improvements across your whole operation.

Epix can provide all the elements to eliminate duplicated effort and disruptive phone calls. For details of how we can help your business call Stephen on 0161 477 2343 or visit our Contact Us screen to send us a message.

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Job Control

Developed since 1991, our software increases efficiency, visibility and control throughout the lifetime of a job.


Hosting & Support

Secure, redundant data-centre hosting. Unparalleled support included in the price!


Mobile Working

Engineered from the ground up as a tool for responsive repairs and servicing on a high–performance platform.



Communicating with other systems is often required, and we're upto the task.