Building Maintenance

We have been working with building maintenance contractors since 1991 which has given us an invaluable insight into how this market sector operates. In 2000 we took the drastic step of redesigning our entire suite of products to pro–actively solve some of the problems that we saw as common across the sector. From this redesign process our current products were born, and these have continued to be developed and evolved to this day.

Our suite of products have been built from the ground up to solve your problems rather than a modification of a more generic solution. All our products are written completely in–house so we can guarantee levels of support and integration that our competitors struggle to provide. They have also all been written to take full advantage of modern technology rather than simply building emulation layers on earlier products like many of our competitors do.


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  • Reduced Paperwork Costs

    Mobile working, interfacing and job control all combine to dramatically reduce paper handling costs. In a typical 20 engineer organisation we can trim £350K per year from administration alone.

  • Greater Control

    Real–time information exchanged between all systems means all your management staff can pro–actively monitor and intervene before minor issues turn into major headaches.

  • Increased Visibility

    Full access to repairs history, easy to use reports and real–time dashboard panels mean you can see the performance of your entire company and quickly assess where problems are going to be coming from.

  • Increased Productivity

    By integrating the call centre, mobile working and job control we are able to offer the most efficient appointments to the correct engineers and allow the engineers to complete their jobs with the minimum of wasted journeys, no accesses and an uninterrupted day.

  • Reduced Training & Infrastructure Costs

    All our systems are designed to be easy to learn and straightforward to use. The data transfers of these products has been optimised to reduce both office and mobile costs, whilst also allowing distributed offices to be setup with minimal IT capital costs.

  • Security & Disaster Recovery

    Fully hosted solutions allow multiple levels of disaster recover to be implemented, and discrete levels of security to be added so that your systems are secure even from technical staff and catastrophic failure of your offices.

  • Environmentally Conscious

    By optimising allocation within the call centre we can minimise travel times cutting down emissions. Mobile working allows home starts and further reduces emissions by removing the need to return to the office. Additional obvious savings are gained by reducing paperwork across all modules. Finally, a hosted solution enables home-working which allows you to reduce power, heating and lighting costs in your offices.


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  • Nested Property Hierarchy

    The systems support clients, branches, regions, address and property.

  • Multi–Contract Support

    The systems allow for multiple different pricing structures for each client e.g. day to day responsive work, void work, emergency/out of hours, planned work etc. Fully definable to suit your contracts.

  • Flexible SOR and Closing Codes Structure

    We support all flavours of Natfed, and also the ability to define custom client SOR codes, use your own closing codes or even manually entered text.

  • Multi–Trade

    We support multi-trade engineers where you have a combination of highly specialised engineers and multi-skilled ones too.

  • Multi–Issue & Split Jobs

    Throughout our products we are able to issue individual jobs to multiple engineers or sub–contractors. Jobs can also be split into multiple smaller jobs for easier management and allocation.

  • Void Management

    Within our job control product we support full void management from receiving void notification, collecting keys, surveys, work completion and return keys. These processes are customised to suit your methods of working, and trigger KPI reports to fully monitor the voids process.

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