Mobile Working

We have designed Markus Mobile to be simple to use and process orientated. It is an easy to use application that requires minimal training and allows your field service team to collect all the relevant information.

Our mobile application eliminates double keying of information and updates the back office system in realtime. Its features include:

  • Daily vehicle and equipment checks
  • Electronic Pre-visit risk assessments and COVID risk assessments
  • Pre and post work photos
  • Electronic surveys: GSR, Pat testing, Electrical Installation Certificates (EICs), Emergency Lighting Certificates, Fire Extinguisher testing, Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificates (MEIWCs), Pre-inspections, Post-inspections, and custom surveys
  • Capture sales lines and materials used
  • Record electronic timesheets
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and signatures

We have over 1000 field service engineers using our application in the UK. The best recommendation we often get is that when people change companies, they recommend us to their new employers.

If you would like to find out more or arrange a demonstration, please complete the contact form.

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Our Vision

  • Provide a secure future for our staff.
  • Benefit our customers and help them to succeed, except where this conflicts with the first law.
  • Have fun, so long as this does not conflict with the first and second laws.

These laws serve us well because by having a team who know that their security is the most important thing to us they feel safe so that they can focus on helping our customers and solving problems; by benefiting our customers and helping them to succeed we build long relationships that shape our future too; and by having fun we make sure that our team is enthusiastic and ready to innovate every day.