Will the new 5G mobile devices change your world?


Posted March 1st, 2019

We try to stay on top of technical developments so you don't have to. Zahir, one of our two MMU Degree Apprentices, has been reviewing the action at MWC 2019 to see if there's anything happening in the tech world that we can use with our contractors.

He's written a quick article for us on 5G phones, and 5G technology as a whole - read where he thinks we are all heading here!


Apprentice Vacancies


Posted February 28th, 2019

We are attending the MMU apprentice fair on the 6th March looking for a range of people to fill out our team. Visit our apprentice vacancies page for more details.


February Release


Posted February 22nd, 2019

Continuing our regular release strategy, all live systems were fully updated onto the r20190212 branch by the 22nd Feb.

There's a number of tweaks to the integration used by our 3 contractors working with Stonewater, a social housing provider using MIS Active Management Systems. This release works around a number of undocumented restrictions relating to completions of jobs by contractors. This interface has been running since 2016, but things always change and so interfaces need to grow and adapt to continue to meet both the client's and contractor's needs.

Also in this release were changes to support integeration with Castles and Coasts using Capita One's OpenHousing. This involves some customisations to the normal interfaces supported by Castles & Coasts own in-house IT team. This was a quick project with a short turn around - the finished interface was initially released in December, with testing in early January, and then a controlled go-live this month.

It was obviously the month for EDI interfaces to clients - this release also included integration to White Horse Housing. This project was almost the opposite time-frame to the Castles & Coasts project - the initial work was completed last April, and over the year we have been working at the HA's pace to tweak the interface to fit their needs.


MMU Digital Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship


Posted February 1st, 2019

We were lucky enough to hire 2 apprentices last year on the MMU course, and are pleased to be looking for more this year. Details of their programme can be found at

One of our apprentices, Filip, has written a short piece on what it is like to be at MMU, and what it is like to work here - read what he thinks, all his own un-edited words!


New customer - Spokemead


Posted January 16th, 2019

We've been working with Spokemead implementing a system since July last year...we gave them a full working test system to play with in August and then left them as much room as they needed to test the system. After a relaxed and extended testing period we visited them again in November last year to help them over the final stages of testing.

They originally chose us because we would be able to integrate with one of their customers who is using Northgate's housing solution. However, the client hasn't finished specifying the requirements for that yet, so in the meantime we've gone live with their mobile engineers working on jobs with their other big customer.


Building Maintenance Demonstrations


Posted January 1st, 2019

Have you just won a local authority of housing association contract?

Do you need a system to be live for the 1st April or even sooner?

Does your tender promise to integrate to their systems - maybe Orchard, ISB/Capita, Northgate, MIS Active Management Systems, or Aareon?

We can get a system in with mobile working and integration to the client for the 1st April, or sooner. The fastest we've ever gone live is 2 weeks from receiving the go ahead from a contractor to having jobs flowing from the client. We've had more than 25 years of experience working with contractors in your position, working to a tight deadline. Please get in touch to arrange a Demonstration as soon as possible so we can get the project started.


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