May Release


Posted May 12th, 2021

After a brief pause in releases over March and April to help us focus on supporting contractors during lockdown, we are back on our normal release cycle.

In the meantime we have fully embedded in CIS VAT changes for Domestic Reverse Charge, and also we have been working on underlying infrastructure changes that have been in the pipeline for a while. This release is mostly focused on the ongoing changes to support Fire Safety and Compliance checks within the existing application framework, and has the normal level of general small changes and bug fixes.

New Features
  • Added the ability to clone maintenance plans
  • Changes to back office and mobile processes to improve support for Voids Management, Fire Safety, and Compliance work
Minor Changes
  • Improvements to performance of gas movement live search when recording visits
  • New variation print using improved PDF toolkit
  • Added the ability to download all asset pictures from projects/compliance sheet
Bug Fixes
  • Changes to the live search when recording visits to show stock reclaim cylinders
  • Fixed bug generating unique PO reference when launched from the project sheet


NAW2021 - National Apprentice Week 2021

Tech Blog

Posted February 10th, 2021

We have a series of blogs on the subject a degree apprenticeships

Monday, Mike: Everyone Wins

Tueday, Zahir: Small is Beautiful

Wednesday, James: Best of Both Worlds

Thursday, Jess: Life is a journey


January/February Release


Posted February 2nd, 2021

This one was tagged initially on the 29th Jan, but had a couple of small issues that held it back until today. This is mostly a feature release for a couple of big items and a spread of minor features. The most requested new feature for is the interface to import emails - we can now poll a dedicated mailbox and automatically upload all attachments to a job. If this is of interest then please get in touch.

New Features
  • New interface available: importing emails from a dedicated email account
  • Allow printing of Fire Safety and Compliance log relating to either a site or a specific job
  • Improved the layout of the mobile application “end of visit” status screen to support longer descriptions
Minor Changes
  • Added bulk photo downloads from jobsheet
  • Added new meta-filters to the audit trail report to group searches for related entities
  • Added 365 day history report to clone job screen
  • Added archiving of system message/query types
  • Changes to the “change attend date” screen to automatically populate slot captions
  • Added archiving of Scedule of Rates lists
Bug Fixes
  • No bug fixes this release!


Tech Blog - The Multi-Operating System World of Epix

Tech Blog

Posted January 28th, 2021

Zahir shares his views about Operating Systems and which one's he uses everyday

Read about it here


Lifestyle - Becoming a Customer Support Person


Posted January 21st, 2021

Willow shares her experience in becoming a customer support person guiding our customers with their problems

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Careers/Education - Being an apprentice at Epix during a pandemic

Feature Focus

Posted January 14th, 2021

Jessica and the other apprentices share their thoughts on working from home and being an apprentice during a pandemic

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Tech Tip - Mobile Phone Recommendations

Feature Focus

Posted January 8th, 2021

Our first post of 2021, some crazy things around the world have already happened this year so to prepare you for the rest of it Chris and I (Zahir) have come up with a few phone recommendations that will be perfect for you to use with our engineers PDA app.

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