B4Box and WE Care & Repair

Unique Service Delivery

Posted October 15th, 2012

Epix Systems are pleased to announce two new customers for their asset and repairs management systems that represent innovative new ways to deliver services to the social housing market.

B4Box -

B4box delivers quality building services to local authorities and other property owners and at the same time guarantees to employ and train a high volume of local people. They specialise in taking on people currently on benefits and training them up to be fully skilled tradesmen with NVQ Level 2 and 3 qualifications. This core value of their business model drives local involvement in their projects and builds long term skills improvements into the local workforce.

Epix are leveraging the unique team-working capabilities of their proven Mobile Working Software to monitor, evaluate and drive performance improvements throughout their organisation.

West of England Care and Repair -

WE Care & Repair specialise in delivering a sympathetic repairs and adaptations service to the elderly and disabled residents in the Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset areas. They are a non-profit making organisation that receives money from the Government and other sources to cover the majority of the work that they do and are part of a growing Care and Repair movement establishing itself across the whole country.

Epix's flexible Callcentre and Diagnostic Software is being used to manage complex SLA and accounting workflows combined with our complete Repairs Management Software to control costs and to support the provision of WE Care & Repair's service delivery,


Service Management Expo 2012

Posted September 14th, 2012

Epix Systems will be attending SME at the NEC Birmingham on the 18th-19st September. This year we are demonstrating the full end-to-end suite of responsive maintenance and service management software to give you a practical hands-on experience of real working code with real volumes of data.

We believe that we stand out from the many other software suppliers at the show because we take the time to understand our customers and their needs, and will cater for both large and small customers alike. We have had a working mobile working solution and cloud based package since 2001, and haven't disappointed existing customers with eternal promises of new versions that are never delivered.

For more details of the products on show please visit our Products page. For information about the exhibitions please visit the organiser's page, or contact Epix to arrange access.


Fantasy football 2012-2013

Product Update

Posted August 8th, 2012

Once again we are running our fantasy football league - a prize goes to the winning non-Epix team, but it probably isn't exciting enough to get worked up about. Much more important than the prize is seeing your company's name at the top of the league and to watch your competitors languishing at the bottom.

To join in just visit the official Barclay's fantasy site and join with the league code 359440-98046 or send us your email address and we will send you an invite.


Successful interface project: Real-time appointment booking between West Lancashire Borough Council, DLP Services Ltd, and JC Construction Ltd

Product Update

Posted June 25th, 2012

Epix has recently completed a project to link the contractors' dynamic work schedules into the council's callcentre. The project required integration of Northgate CRM, Aareon QL and Markus AMS, and enables the sharing of real-time information between callcentre, back office and mobile PDAs.

The project went live in April and was extended to cover appointment booking by WLBC's backoffice staff in May. For more information on this project please visit the Case Study page.


Release 1.120504

Product Update

Posted May 4th, 2012

There has been a gap in releases since Feb 17th following some major reworking of some of the core code base to better support our specialised product line. However, in this period we have continued to work on general performance improvements as well as specific changes.

Improvements in the back office system are coupled with changes on the PDA to enable new features across both platforms - including the addition of photo uploading capability, integration to maps and navigation, and an improved user tracking module.

  • See long format changelog for full release details, available in the Customer Login.


New Customer: JC Construction Ltd

JC Construction

Posted April 3rd, 2012

Epix Systems are pleased to announce the successful deployment of Markus® AMS with JC Construction Ltd, who provide high quality general and emergency building maintenance. Their motto is "busier by being better", and at the end of the first day of using mobile software their engineers were demonstrating that they were happy to pick up new technology and use it to improve productivity. JC have implemented mobile working and job control, and a number of complex interfaces to their newest customer based in Skelmersdale.

The whole package has been designed to integrate with their client's call centre to allow them to book appointments in our dynamic scheduling system, and to send the jobs to the engineers directly with no further manual intervention from the contractor. The use of mobile working means that real-time KPIs can be produced, but more importantly they are able to run the contract out of their existing Liverpool branch as the engineers receive their work electronically and complete the jobs remotely.

For more information about JC Construction visit their website.


ACR 2012

ACR 2012

Posted March 20th, 2012

A big thank you to everyone who visited us at the ACR Show last week. We spoke to a lot of companies that all fit the profile that we were aiming for.

Our target market for the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning software was in the 3-30 engineer bracket, and this seemed to fit closely with what people were looking for. So far we've booked demonstrations up to the middle of April, so if we spoke to you and you are interested in more information then please call us on 0161 477 2343.


Release 1.120217

Product Update

Posted February 17th, 2012

This release continues the theme of adding stability and performance improvements into the code base rather than a large list of new features.

As part of our ongoing commitment to customers we are in the process of overhauling our server farm and as part of that work we have needed to upgrade some of the underlying components in our software stack. This release includes a huge number of compatibility fixes to enable us to migrate to the latest versions of PHP and Firebird.

  • See long format changelog for full release details, available in the Customer Login.


New Interface: Emergency Responsive Repairs
Interface Between Orchard and Causeway.

Origin Housing

Posted January 30th, 2012

Epix Systems are pleased to announce the successful implementation of an interface between their customer's Causeway/Vixensoft system and Origin Housing's Orchard Housing to exchange job and event details for emergency repairs.

MARKUS® AMS receives the jobs from the client system and pre-processes them to make sure that various constraints of Vixen are satisfied. Once a job has been confirmed it is released to Vixen with other jobs in limited batches to prevent overloading of the Vixen importer process.

Status changes and completion details are processed in the reverse direction, with MARKUS® providing a consistent format back to Orchard.

The greatest challenge of this interface was to process the jobs rapidly as the average priority is a 4 hours response. The maximum time between a job being entered by Orchard to it being received by the contractor is 11 minutes - and of this, MARKUS® accounts for at most 1 minute. Where the users have decided that the priority of the job required them to act immediately MARKUS® is able to reconcile manual jobs entered onto Vixen with the job received from Orchard 5 minutes later.

For more details of the interfacing and integration that MARKUS® can deliver please visit our Integration page.


Release 1.120120

Product Update

Posted January 20th, 2012

This release includes a number of features designed to bring all our customers onto a single common codebase. Epix Systems are committed to continuous free upgrades to all customers and with this release we are able to offer the ability to easily toggle access to minor tweaks that we have added over the last few months.

Whilst this release contains few headline features, the unification process has greatly enhanced the release testing process and will contribute to a more streamlined release schedule over the next few months.

In this release we have added improved support for our specialised Asset Maintenance System on Android tablets, along with extending the functionality on Windows Mobile PDAs and other Android devices.

  • See long format changelog for full release details, available in the Customer Login.


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