New developer vacancy


Posted July 4th, 2017

Programmer vacancy - £20K to £25K

We have settled in to our new office and have some desks free. Send us your CV, and hopefully we can have some new players for lunch time Mario Cart sessions.


New unified release - r20170517


Posted May 17th, 2017

All 45 contractors are once again running on a unified back office version. This comes after a few months of branched releases to handle a number of issues around how PPM scheduling affects different contractors. We have completely re-written the PPM editing and rescheduling screens to allow for improved adding of new assets to an existing plan, and to improve adding existing assets into old plans.

This release includes performance improvements and bug fixes, along with some new integration options for connecting with Housing Associations. This brings those on the November, February, and April releases up to a common code base, and enables the automated upgrade of all mobile engineers.

For more details on specific features and changes in this release please Contact Us.


New Office - Not So New


Posted February 16th, 2017

We have been in Manchester for a year now and have forgotten what it was like to be on an industrial estate in Stockport. The new office is 2 minutes walk from Oxford Road station, is opposite the fabulous Nudo, and right over a very convenient Tesco. Manchester is a great place to be, and we can't imagine being any where else now.

Bruntwood have recently upgraded the showers, which is great for Ian, Mike, and Chris who all cycle in daily.

If you would like to pop in for a chat, or to arrange a demo, please Contact Us. This was one of the main reasons for moving office - to make it more convenient for people visiting - and this has proven to be the case, with local contractors popping in for a chat and new customers travelling up from London to see us.


Server Upgrades


Posted February 10th, 2017

With the cooperation of Bytemark we have upgraded Firebird on all servers to fix a bug that was causing frequent sweeps of the authentication database. This problem affected some customers on node "Cherry" during late January and seemed to move to node "Damson" in February as we were load-balancing contractors to mitigate the issue, but resulted in no lost data. We had about an hours down-time last week whilst diagnosing the bug, and all servers were rebooted to take the new fixes but with no loss of access. If normal usage has not returned to the expected sub 1-second page load time then please Contact Us immediately.

Along side this OS fix we have also expanded the storage for attachments to increase capacity, and allow for future flexible archive and storage of attachments.

For more details on how our servers are configured for availability and reliability please Contact Us.


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