Office Software


The original version of our facilities management software was written in 1991 as a bespoke 16 bit DOS application. Throughout the 90s we developed further applications in a variety of languages working our way through Clipper, Foxpro and Delphi. As each generation of programming languages was left behind we moved with the latest wave of buzzwords and frame works.

Late in 1999 we realised that there must be a better way – more sustainable and flexible – which is when we began writing web applications and developing for the mobile market, just as tools to rapidly build stable web applications became generally available. Since then our products have been developed through from this time as true web applications we have been able to produce faster and more reliable products than many of our competitors who have tried to bolt on web capabilities only in recent years.

Following on from this decision we have also been able to develop all the elements of our products ourselves. This means we are not reliant on third party vendors to provide you with new functionality and critical bug fixes. The building blocks we do rely on – web servers, programming languages and databases – have all been switched to open source products which means we can be sure that our products can be supported indefinitely.

Ease of Use

Throughout all our products we present consistent and straightforward process for users to follow. As an example, the fault diagnostics within the call centre was designed from the ground up with the intention that new users would need no prior knowledge in responsive repairs as the system walks them through a carefully scripted process.

This allows new users to be trained on our systems quickly and easily and gives the confidence for users to be productive from day 1.


All our office solutions are web-based. This means that there are many options for accessing our product – from regional offices, home working, client access, sub-contractor/engineer access and mobile device access. Being web–based also means that there is no installation necessary on new computers as our products work in all current major browsers.

As all our solutions are designed and developed in house we have the ability to fit our products exactly to your needs. This allows us to move the product forward as your requirements change allowing you to change business logic and grow your own organisation.


All users of the systems have unique passwords and all access is verbosely logged. Any significant changes are logged into history that is fully accessible in the system and further logging ensures we are able to quickly answer any security related questions.

Where sub-contractors, engineers and clients are given access to your data they are restricted to just the information relevant to them and the functions they need to do their job effectively. These capabilities were built into the product from the very start of the design which is the only way to make security really work.


All our customers benefit immediately from improvements and bug fixes to the system. Planned releases every month mean that new features are added regularly with release notes sent to key users to keep them informed of upgrades and changes.

Throughout new releases we have a policy of not changing the behaviour of functionality that you are already using without agreement from you. Because of this you can be sure that our regular releases will not break you existing use of the system of require costly retraining of staff.

A final benefit of the regular upgrade cycle is that you will never find your system abandoned or end-of-life. If you require bespoke changes then we guarantee to support these through future upgrades and wont force you to pay again and again for the same features.


For details of our web-based applications please visit our product page here.

Job Control

Developed since 1991, our software increases efficiency, visibility and control throughout the lifetime of a job.


Hosting & Support

Secure, redundant data-centre hosting. Unparalleled support included in the price!


Mobile Working

Engineered from the ground up as a tool for responsive repairs and servicing on a high–performance platform.



Communicating with other systems is often required, and we're upto the task.