Epix Systems Celebrate 21 Years of Trading

Old IBM PC Epix was formed on the May 27th 1991 and began operating out of the owner's home selling purchasing and accounting software to the construction industry. From these beginnings in the days of DOS and 33MHz computers the company has grown slowly but steadily. In 1994 Epix moved to an office on the A6 opposite McDonalds in the middle of Stockport where 3 employees shared a tiny office, and expanded into maintenance and repairs software. With Y2K just around the corner, Epix moved again in 1999 to take a floor in Heapriding Business Park, and expanded to 6 members of staff.

Epix have a history of hiring local people – 2 members of the team cycle in most mornings, and a third walks in every day. They have combined this demographic with a policy for hiring either direct from University, or people who have recently been made redundant. Since 1998 Epix have hired 7 graduates, 3 of which are still with the company. This has provided a continuous input of fresh ideas and talent.

Epix have looked to move their offices into Manchester on a number of occasions, but have decided to remain in Stockport. The most important consideration has been it's location by junction 1 on the M60, and their proximity to Stockport Station which gives Epix fantastic links to the rest of the country. With customers spread from Aberdeen to Plymouth, this has been essential to Epix's success. As well as having good transport links, the industrial estate where Epix is based is a short walk from the shops in Stockport town centre which is ideal for staff to do their lunchtime shopping. In recent weeks Heapriding Business Park has seen it's last vacant unit filled and now has 100% occupancy – which suggests that Epix aren't the only company that appreciate the charms of Stockport.

Over the last 21 years Epix has reacted to a changing technological landscape by introducing a range of new products – from pioneering mobile working in 2001, to promoting – cloud – software in 2005.


This continues in 2012 with the introduction of a specialised service and repairs management product aimed at the refrigeration and air-conditioning market place – MARKUS RACSAMS. The software product was developed in close partnership with another local firm, F.T.Refrigeration Ltd from Heaton Norris and is proving to bit a hit from Glasgow to Cambridgeshire.

Epix Systems write specialist software for Service Management, Maintenance and Contracting companies including repairs management, service management and mobile working solutions for engineers.

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