MARKUS® RACSAMS Office Software - Gallery

MARKUS® Refrigeration and Air Conditioning SAMS software has been written from the ground up to deliver benefits to companies working in the RAC/ACR market place. For full details on our service and repairs management software please visit the main page which explains the features and benefits of the complete system.

Below is a very brief selection of the screens available in the system for managing the full sales process of all jobs including scheduled services, responsive repairs for breakdowns, and planned projects for installations.

The back office system is a fully hosted web-application and is accessible using all current browsers. Epix have been delivering hosted solutions since 2005, and the current application framework developed entirely in-house has been actively used since 2007. It is known to support more than 100 simultaneous office users, and manage the workload for 400 engineers in a single company. At the opposite end of the scale, the system is also actively used as a tool to manage just a handful of engineers.

Interactive Dashboard


A fully customisable dashboard allows individual users to personalise the system to show them the information that they are most interested in. From the wide selection of available dashboard widgets the user can instantly see an automatically refreshing real-time view of the organisation. The widgets provide full drill-down capability so the user can quickly access the detailed information behind them, as well as collecting important processes and data into a single location.

A full suite of additional reports is also available to supplement the dashboard, and all reports can be exported as a spreadsheet, or converted into PDFs for printing and emailing.

Site Sheet

Site sheet

The system provides a detailed site sheet to give access to the full history at a customer's site. This includes details of future services, live breakdowns, and historical visits. Also included on the site sheet is the full invoice history, and scheduled invoices with the ability to generate new invoices at the touch of a button. The screen is designed to load quickly, but provide access to the full detailed site history and real-time information.

Similar sheets are included for individual assets at a site, projects, and to show the details of individual jobs. In all these cases the goal of the system is to make information easily accessible and readily understandable.

Repair Entry

Repair entry

The system features an easy to use manual repair entry screen to take details of breakdowns and other events for quickly issuing out to engineers. As well as taking the details of this repair, the system will also highlight other issues with the client including a recent repair history for the asset, any upcoming scheduled work, or any client notes entered by your accounts admin.

Markus® RACSAMS allows for a flexible hierarchy of customers, regional branches, sites and assets that can be customised to suit your own structures. It also supports multiple billing addresses where the responsibility for work at a site is split across a number of organisations.

Repairs can be recorded against the site itself if the specific asset is not known, or any assets at a site regardless of whether they are serviced regularly or not.

Service Entry

Scheduled Service Work

Users are taken through the whole process of scheduling up work for a customer from spreadsheet upload of assets, through confirming the automatically generated service schedule, defining a payment schedule, and finally issuing out the first service job in a clear and simple set of screens. Service schedules can be easily manipulated, and complex planned payments give you the power to bill out your work to best suit your clients.

By supporting multiple-assets and multiple-jobs in a single unified manner the back-office system seamlessly integrates with the mobile software so the engineers can see exactly what work is needed at each service visit. This includes the location of the asset within the site, the details of asset, and the refrigerant used.

Where materials are used, or gas added to an asset during a service visit this can generate a repair job so that your costs are fully recovered from the customer.

Engineer Allocation


Included within the system is a fully featured allocation engine to assist issuing work out to your engineers. This includes a graphical view of workload, proximity and quick access to the jobs already issued to the workforce.

The system also includes the ability to book absences and holidays, and to view the full timesheet for engineers so you can monitor and compare performance over a period.

Purchase Order Processing


Integrated to the sales order processing is a fully featured purchase order processing system. This includes POD delivery matching, and 3-way invoice matching. This means that all the costs associated with any job or project are properly accounted for and are used in the calculation of profit and loss figures.

The system also ties purchasing in with the F-Gas movements and full stock control so that the depot and engineer stock levels are automatically maintained from the purchase history in the system. Engineers are able to use the mobile software to fully record one-off purchases direct from the supplier or merchant, and these transactions are combined with the back office purchases to provide a full audit trail of the materials used.

These screen shots are not a complete description of the back office software, but have hopefully given you a flavour for the capabilities of the system. Usually, during a demonstration, people are amazed at how easy the whole system is to use, and the quality of information that can be accessed quickly and easily from the site, asset and job sheets - it is very hard to get this across in 6 screenshot, so please don't hestitate to contact us for more information.

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