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MARKUS® Refrigeration and Air Conditioning SAMS software has been written from the ground up to deliver benefits to companies working in the RAC/ACR market place. For full details on our service and repairs management software please visit the main page which explains the features and benefits of the complete system.

Below are some sample screenshots that demonstrate the main processes that engineers will follow on their tablet or PDA. The engineers' software runs on all current Android devices including PDA smart phones and tablets. Information transferred to the mobile device is stored locally so a permanent internet connection is not needed whilst the engineer is working on site - data will be queued for transfer next time the device has a connection.

The underlying technology, written entirely in-house, has been in use since 2005 and has been consistently updated to work with new hardware and emerging technologies. It is known to work successfully with hundreds of mobile engineers within a single company, or just a handful, and has historically supported PalmOS and Windows Mobile 6 devices.

Main Menu

Main Menu

On entering the PDA software the engineer is presented with a simple and clear main menu. Depending on the current task, the main menu gives quick access to important process and also highlights the current activity.

Throughout the application the screens have been designed to be simple to use and to lead the engineer through the correct processes.

ProsLarge clear buttons
ProsEasy to understand processes

Places to go

Places To Go

The PDA shows a simple list of the places and times that have been scheduled for the engineer. Where there are multiple repairs or services to do at the same site these are condensed into individual entries in the schedule to make the system clearer. The system is designed to manage lists for many days giving your engineers full visibility of their current and future workload.

ProsEasy to follow list of places to go
ProsDisplays future work

Job Details

Job Details

From the places to go menu the engineer can drill down into the full details of the visits. Each visit can be made up of any number of service, repair and installation jobs and the PDA will list all the assets that need looking at in this visit.

Engineers can accept or reject the job. If they reject the job then they enter a reason and return the job to the office. Once they have accepted a job the software will walk them through the process to gather estimasted arrival times, and ultimately to comfirm arrival at site.

ProsCombines multiple repairs and services into a single item
ProsShows details of assets included in this repair or service

Onsite Menu

Onsite Menu

Once work had begun the engineer has a simple on site menu to provide access to the work that they are due to do, and to update the estimated completion time back to the office.

From the onsite menu the engineer has easy access to lists of repairs, services and installation tasks needed this visit.

ProsShows progress throughout the visit
ProsQuick access to all the tasks
ProsThe engineer can update the estimated completion time

Task Menu

Task Menu

Once a specific asset has been selected the engineer is prompted to complete a series of processes to record the work they have done. These include asset check lists, entry of a narrative to describe the work they have completed, a detailed list of parts to record accurate costs against the job, and full support for gas movements.

Installation, service and repair task menus all display the appropriate options for the given task, and collect a status update from the engineer when they return to the onsite menu.

ProsRecord all costs against each task
ProsRecord description of the work completed by the engineer

Additional Repairs

Additional Repairs

Where further work becomes apparent, or is requested by your customer on site, the engineer can record new repair jobs in the field and record all work and materials as appropriate. These repairs are kept separate from any pre-arranged installation or service work to enable the work to be invoiced separately for full recovery of time and materials.

ProsHandle breakdown reports whilst on site
ProsGenerate chargeable sales during a scheduled service

FGas Movement

F-Gas Movement

The mobile software supports all the data recording needed to satisfy the F-Gas requirements. This includes the insertion and removal of gas to individual asssets during repairs or service visits, but is extended by the ability for engineers to record collection of cylinders from a supplier, exchanges between engineers and your depots, and the return of reclaimed gas.

Information recorded on the mobile devices is transferred into back-office reports to provide full audit trails for every movement.

ProsFull F-Gas compliance with no back-office data entry
ProsGenerate auditable stock movements

These screen shots are not a complete description of the mobile software, but have hopefully given you a flavour for the capabilities of the system, and an overview of the way in which we aim to guide the engineers through the process of recording information correctly.

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