Markus® Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Markus® RAC SAMS has been written from the ground up to deliver benefits to companies working in the RAC/ACR market place. The core product is built from the foundations of our innovative and proven suite of maintenance and management products which we have been providing since 1991 and tailored to solve the unique problems faced by the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

We have been working in this sector to deliver an easy to use yet powerful software tool to manage all the business processes associated with responsive repairs, scheduled servicing and installation projects. The system has also been designed to out-perform the F Gas regulations and is future proof against new legislation.


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  • Increased Control

    Provide all engineers with a detailed breakdown of tasks required at a site including the ability to service/repair multiple assets, perform asset specific check routines, and gather risk assessments. Enforce procedures and process that engineers must follow to help improve service and achieve quality accreditation.

    Full tracking of holidays and booked work allows fine tuned allocation and scheduling of regular services to better utilise your workforce.

    We provide a fully hosted solution accessible from anywhere in the world using a web-browser so you can keep an eye on the office when you are on the road.

  • Increased Visibility

    Real-time information flowing back from your engineers means that your customers can be kept fully informed of the progress of the work. Full drill down into performance and quality KPI reports provide immediate access to detailed engineer–specific information. Auditable times, better cost recording and customer signatures all combine to give a much clearer and truer picture of the tasks as they are completed.

    Clear and simple service scheduling gives a overview of the work load and allows for pre-emptive action to avoid clashes, whilst allowing you to optimise the coming servicing to fit around emergency repairs.

  • Reduced Administration Costs

    Banish the wall planner forever and remove the whole management of paperwork from both the engineer and your office staff. Spend time delivering the service to your customers whilst making sure your can recover costs effectively.

    The system uses clear dashboard panels to fully monitor your whole organisation to ensure you can run your business to achieve the targets you have set.

    You can monitor the entire life-cycle of work, sales orders, purchase order and stock levels from a single system to speed up enquiries and remove the need for filing cabinets stuffed with paper work sheets, quotes, sales invoices, purchase invoices, and service histories which all need juggling when answering even simple questions.

  • Reliable Gas Traceability

    Conveniently track all gas movements electronically on site, with a full suite of reports for the back office. Manage the exchange of gas between engineers, deliveries and returns to suppliers, and track gas usage to individual assets at a customer's site. Full tracking extends beyond simple F Gas performance with full support for serialised stock alongside more traditional stock control of basic materials and parts.

  • Better Financial Reporting

    Immediate completion information is transferred from the engineer, without the need for them to return to the office. This allows fully auditable charging and provides detailed evidence for service contracts and safety compliance.

    Full reporting against assets, sites, and customers allows for full control of the charging cycle and ensures that chargeable work doesn't slip down the side of the back seat of your car.


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  • F Gas Compliance and Stock Control

    Markus® Mobile Worker includes full support for electronically recording the movement of gas and to provide fully auditable trails of movement from the supplier all the way to the equipment on site, and reclaims all the way back to safe disposal, including transfers between assets on the same site.

    The back office system integrates fully with the mobile devices to manage and maintain the same processes from within your depot too from your desktop. The system includes detailed reports to provide full compliance reporting.

    As well as FGAS specific controls, the system supports all types of gas to provide an element of future proofing against changes to tightening of regulation to other gases and materials.

    The system also supports the complete tracking of materials and parts as impressed stock to allow control of costs from the moment of delivery into your depot, until the parts are used on a customer's site. The mobile application has been tailored to be flexible enough to even record transfers of stock between your engineers whilst they are on the road as we understand that the parts might not always be with the right engineer.

  • Asset Register and Hazard Register

    The asset register includes the service requirements of specific assets on a site, their serial numbers, the types of gas and volume, and the prices charged. However, the system imposes secure access to financial information across all devices and interfaces to prevent un-authorised access to sensitive information. This register can be extended to store any information that you need.

    Also included within the system is a simple to use hazards register. This can be used to record details of any hazards or health and safety issues at the site. Additionally this can be used to store access details, specifications of appliances and safety equipment, and any other information that would be useful to the engineer.

  • Configurable Check Lists, Risk Assessments and Surveys

    The system supports the setting of specific task lists against every asset and site. Tasks lists can be built from predefined lists of tasks relevant to a range of assets, or tailored to suit your individual needs.

    Where your organisation is applying for ISO 9001 or OHSAS 18001 certification the asset and site specific check lists and risk assessments can also be used to enforce and record specific processes across you entire workforce, as well as demonstrating compliance with internal guide lines and action plans.

  • Detailed Task Information and Further Work

    Markus® Mobile Worker allows the detailed list of on-site tasks required to be specified when the job is issued to the engineer. This includes responsive repair information, scheduled service work, and installation projects. Where additional work is reported or required these can be completed as part of the same visit using an intuitive and simple user interface on the mobile devices - either PDA or tablet.

    Where tasks include additional information gathering, the engineer can enter these on the device. This could include details like meter readings or information about materials removed from site. Where necessary, the engineer can attach photographs to tasks to provide supporting evidence that may be used to generate additional charges to customers.

    If there is further work reported to the engineer that they can't fix then this can be recorded and photographed on the device and sent back to the office for quoting and future scheduling.

  • Disaster Recovery

    The system is designed to run in a secure hosted data centre and is accessed remotely by either mobile devices or a browser for the back office system. The hosted facility provides all the features of redundancy and backup to mitigate against disaster.

    In the event of the failure of a single mobile device the system replicates all the data capture functionality in the back office. This also provides support for engineers who are unable to use a mobile device.

    If necessary to comply with your own disaster recover policies we can provide regular data dumps for your own backup and off-line reporting, for example using data mining, datawarehouse or custom reporting tools.

  • Flexible Asset Hierarchy

    Markus® AMS has a pedigree for working in a large variety of circumstances which means the specialised refrigeration and aircon system benefits from a flexible approach to your asset hierarchy. We support as many levels as you have. If necessary the system can even provide access to individual appliances on a site, whilst also supporting a many level regional hierarchy.

    Typically we have worked with a structure of clients, regional offices, sites and assets in use within the service management marketplace.

  • Mobile Working

    All the data capture can be performed by the engineers in real–time whilst at the asset on mobile devices. The system supports smart phones, PDAs and tablets including rugged models to capture the detail of tasks being completed as the engineer completes them.

    The mobile software has been written with ease of use and speed as core requirements and is based on our successful responsive repairs mobile working solution. This features fully auditable timestamps, secure data storage, reliable comms, and simple to use work flow that allows the device to work even in areas of poor reception. Typically engineers need less than an hours training to unlock the potential of mobile working using this platform.

    The core capabilities of the remote software have been proven in deployments over the last decade. However, it has also benefited from continuous development in that period to keep pace with technology and the capabilities of devices. At all times the upgrade path has been made as smooth as possible with full backwards compatibility maintained whilst existing customers are using specific devices. Epix Systems have never end-of-lifed a product to enforce an upgrade on our customers, and upgrades have never lost existing functionality that our customers depend upon.

  • Throw out your wall planner!

    Whilst the provision of mobile working and F-Gas accreditation were seen as the driving features behind a specialist version of our Markus® Asset Maintenance System, the inclusion of an easy to use servicing module was also seen as a must-have requirement. We have seen the energy wasted building service schedules and managing the service visits that even a small organisation can expend trying to keep on top of the visits needed each month.

    We have built a powerful process to record new servicing and to raise regular invoices across a new cycle with schedules spanning multiple years if needed. We have included the flexibility to group multiple different assets into a single visit, and to generate invoices that fit the intricate requirements of your customers.

    We understand that some customers want monthly invoices, some quarterly, some up front, and some even need you to do hand-stands to make sure you get paid! With this in mind we have incorporated full dashboard reporting and summaries of invoicing to allow you to fully monitor the whole process from generation at the the start of each month to payment, as well as supporting the small matter of scheduling up the visits themselves and doing the actual servicing!

  • Installation Projects

    Whilst repairs and servicing are the bread-and-butter of your industry, large installation projects might also be an important element of the work you do. We have built in support for managing installation projects from the moment of planning the purchase of specialised kit including approval of drawings, through receiving notification of delivery, to actual installation and commissioning of machinery on-site.

    The Markus® Mobile Application provides the same process driven assistance to your engineers to record the correct installation notes and generate new assets direct from site.

  • Sales Order Processing

    Markus® AMS provides full support for recording sales to your customers. This includes generating regular recurring service invoices, installation jobs, and responsive repairs. Where repairs and servicing are mixed on the same visit the Markus® Mobile Application will apportion time between the various elements to allow for maximum recovery of costs.

    Full integration with stock control and purchasing, with access to detailed on-site time information means that you can ensure adequate profit margins are achieved on a job by job basis, and that no costs are under-reported.

    The system tracks payments against invoices to allow for full credit control to be managed on system with tight integration between the job and site histories to help your accounts team answer queries.

    Should credit notes be necessary, the system is able to generate these and tie them to the problem invoice and job. All transactions are entered onto a sales ledger to support full reporting and audit trails.

  • Purchase Order Processing

    All supplier orders for materials and sub-contract work can be processed through Markus®. This means that we are able to capture all the costs on each job, and also to pick up on those special purchases into your depot.

    The purchase order module allows for processing of orders, deliveries/collection, and invoicing. It integrates directly with the stock control and F-Gas modules to automatically update stock levels and put entries in movement audit trails.

  • Accounts Interfaces

    The back office system provides a number of standard interfaces to accounts packages. These include purchase and sales invoice interfaces into Sage Line 50

The Services that Epix Provides

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  • Cloud Based

    Our hosted solution delivers authenticated access throughout the world so you can manage and monitor your work load wherever you are. The fully redundant data centre provides dependable access for both your back-office admin users and the engineers on-site actually delivering a service to your clients, so they can update information and progress in real-time no matter where your offices are.

    Provision of a remote solution means that you have no critical hardware costs, no ongoing hardware support costs, and no security issues in your offices. We take care of all off-site backups and can provide replicated backups if needed.

    Perhaps even more importantly, we prevent un-restricted access to your vital information to your own staff. This protects you against "accidental" data loss, or leaking of sensitive information to your engineers.

  • Training

    Epix Systems will provide you with the training to use the system as part of the deal. We don't expect you to know how to get the most from Markus® and will hold your hands through the important early days of an implementation. Even more vitally, we will spend the time to understand your processes so the training sessions can be tailored to suit your methods of working.

    Typically the engineers will pick up the mobile software within an hours training and will be able to use it in the field successfully before the end of the first day. Further training can be handled in-house for new starters as the software is designed with ease-of-use as a key feature.

  • Setup

    Just like with the training, we believe that buying Markus® RAC SAMS is the first step in a long relationship between Epix Systems and your company. We won't give you an empty system and leave you to trudge through the laborious task of setting up and configuring - we will support you and manage the initial data load so that the system is perfectly setup to give you the most benefit.

    We understand that your priority is delivering a service to your customers, and we will make the process of implementing Markus® as smooth as possible.

  • Telephone Support

    As part of our ongoing service and licensing we provide an 8am-6pm telephone support line. All problems and questions are answered directly by the technical staff that write and implement the software. This gives our techies exposure to real-world users and ddelivers an unprecedented level of service to our customers. Problems are usually resolved in a single phone call - we do not operate queuing or ticketing system that might get in the way of resolving your issue.

    The direct access to our technical development team is only possible because we believe in the product that we have built. It means that any problems that crop up more than once are quickly fixed for all customers.

  • Continuous Upgrade

    We appreciate that technology and hardware are developing at an astonishing rate, and that new rules and regulations are constantly flowing from government. We also believe that all customers should benefit from all fixes to the system. To support both these elements we have committed to a continuous release and upgrade cycle so your system remains current and fully-functioning no matter what new technologies appear.

    Because of this commitment to continual improvement we have never abandoned a customer on an old version only to force a paid-for upgrade at a later date. We have also successfully supported a full range of mobile devices since 2001 - including PalmOS, Windows Mobile and more recently Android.

  • Turn-key Installations

    As part of the deal we can provide all the elements needed for you to access our software. From rugged mobile devices to desktop computers, network infrastructure and cabling, we are able to provide all the services that you need to get you up and running.

    Epix Systems are a registered resellers of Skeye hardware and Microsoft software. We have over 20 years experience setting up new networks and the supporting infrastructure that goes with it - but only if you need it. We are more than happy to work with your existing IT providers and mobile phone carriers to ensure that we have the best possible long term relationship with you.

  • Bespoke Customisations

    In 2001 we began work on our current range of off-the-shelf systems, but until then we had been working on heavily customised bespoke systems for our customers. Because of this heritage we are willing and able to tailor our systems to suit your specific needs. If you have a problem, and want a solution that gives you a technical advantage over your competitors then we will happily sit down with you and tailor the Markus® for your exclusive use.

    As a standard feature of our products we also provide tailored layouts for invoices and orders so that our system will fit into your own corporate branding. We also understand that not every report can be covered in a shrink-wrapped system so we offer a number of bespoke reports as part of the package.

  • Tender Consultancy

    The common theme running through all the services that we offer is that we try to leverage our expertise and skills to deliver a long lasting and benefitial relationship between Epix and our customers.

    Over the last few years if has become commonplace for our customers to need help completing tender questionnaires regarding the IT that they use. We have found that by using current technology and leveraging the benefits of hosted systems and mobile working that our customers have been able to secure work based on their use of Markus®.

    We are more than happy to answer simple questions relating to tenders and can provide more in-depth consultancy and support if needed.

Hosting & Support

Secure, redundant data-centre hosting. Unparalleled support included in the price!


PDA Software

Written in-house to leverage the maximum capabilities of the device and to allow a truly mobile workforce – even in areas of poor signal.


Mobile Working

Engineered from the ground up as a tool for responsive repairs and servicing on a high–performance platform.


Job Control

Developed since 1991, our software increases efficiency, visibility and control throughout the lifetime of a job.



Communicating with other systems is often required, and we're upto the task.


21st Birthday

On 27th July Epix will be 21 years old.