It's Nice To Talk... But Can You Afford The Bill?

Have you ever worked out how much you spend on telephone calls? It is so easy to answer a quick question for a customer, or to pass on a quick update to one of your engineers. When you are interrupted in the middle of something it may take you 5 minutes to get back to where you were, and your engineers will take even longer after stopping what they were doing. Repeat this 10 or 15 times a day and before you know it you have "used up" more than an hour of your day... and the same amount of time wasted for your customers and your engineers.

There Is A Better Way

Epix can provide a fully integrated mobile working and a back office solution with client portal access to give your customers the answers they need without having to interupt you. We work closely with you to define what information you want to share with your customers, and more importantly what you want to keep private! All portal access is authenticated to ensure customers only see their own information, and never stray into areas they shouldn't. Portal users can record additional comments, raise queries on jobs, they have access to KPI reporting, real-time dashboards, and thay can see as "open-book" a view of the world as you want to give them.

Customised portals can be deployed to suit specific contract requirements - for example do you have to offer appointments based on real availability? We have a portal for that! We can also support innovative requirements and challenging requests from your customers so you can extend their reliance on your real-time data - one project we completed recently relied on webservices to surface a contractor's repairs information all the way out to tenants on the client's own website. For details of how we can help your business call Ian on 0161 477 2343 or fill in the form so we can get back to you.

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Mobile Working

Benefits: increased productivity, reduced administration costs, increased control, increased visibility, better utilised workforce, faster charging for work

Job Control

Benefits: increased visibility, increased control, reduced aministration costs, increased recorvery of costs, increased security and resilience

Client Integration

Benefits: remove the cost of double entry, improve the accuracy of information by removing human error, reduced chase up calls from clients

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Our Vision

Epix Systems was found in 1991 by Stephen Earl. We started out producing software for the construction and building maintenance sectors. We have always aimed to be a company, known for the highest standards of service and support. We produce software that is the best in its design, application and use. We strive to help our customers succeed and grow. Our primary purpose is to benefit our customers and our staff.