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Epix Systems employs a small, tight–knit team of people who have worked closely together for several years. We are privately owned providing us the freedom and agility that is often missing from our competitors. Over the last decade we have consistently embraced new technology and their associated challenges, enabling our staff to learn new skills.

Our office is located in the heart of Manchester. Just 2 minutes walk from Oxford Road Station, at the end of the 50 bus route next to the Palace Theatre. The whole of Manchester city centre is within immediate lunchtime walking distance, with high street names on the ground floor beneath us!

Our small team has to respond dynamically to a variety of situations, so it is not uncommon to be testing prototype code on a brand new PDA one day, building servers the next, and occasionally asking customers to turn their computers off and on again.


We have a range of backgrounds including engineering and computer science and welcome anyone with a suitable skill set who can contribute to our team.


Android, PHP, Java & SQL.


Linux, Apache & Firebird


You already know you are perfect for us – you just have to persuade us!

Implementation & Support

Problem solving, strong communication and patience.

Current Vacancies

We do not have any specific vacancies at this time, but we are always on the lookout for interesting and talented individuals. If you wish to send us your CV together with your contact details, then please complete the form below.

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It is company policy not to deal with employment agencies for a variety of reasons. Please do not waste our time, or your own, by contacting us unless we have specifically requested you to do so. If you wish to appeal this policy decision then please submit a request via the Contact Us page.

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Our Vision

  • Provide a secure future for our staff.
  • Benefit our customers and help them to succeed, except where this conflicts with the first law.
  • Have fun, so long as this does not conflict with the first and second laws.

These laws serve us well because by having a team who know that their security is the most important thing to us they feel safe so that they can focus on helping our customers and solving problems; by benefiting our customers and helping them to succeed we build long relationships that shape our future too; and by having fun we make sure that our team is enthusiastic and ready to innovate every day.