Apprentice Vacancies 2018

Digital / Software Engineer; Digital / IT Consultant; Digital Marketeer

(Apprenticeships are new to us, and this is our first event - this page is likely to change as we get used to the process so please check back again in a few weeks if you need more information.)

What do we do? We write large database driven applications that run in a browser and integrate with native android mobile applications.

Why do we want you? We like to think of ourselves as dynamic just like our software - by growing our team with new and enthusiastic talent we think we can push our solutions on to new marketplaces. We are a small, tight knit team of developers working closely together so we all have direct involvement in all aspects of the development cycle - so we are keen to benefit from any new ideas and fresh approaches you have.

If you join our team as a Programmer you will gain experience using PHP (and other languages) to build a huge and complicated database driven application, gain expert level skills in SQL, and learn to bounce around from Javascript/html in the browser all they way down to Linux server magic.

Our software is pointless without users. As an IT Consultant you will be working alongside our existing implementation manager to get new customers up and running, training users, fishing out new requirements from a sea of user wishes, and contributing ideas to new development.

The reasons why we want a Digital Marketeer joining us should be obvious from this website. We are all still using Facebook, so I'm no judge of a good website and my idea of social media doesn't include filters. We don't even have an Instragram account. Please help us!

So why should you join Epix? We've been around for 26 years - so we are stable and reliable. We have a 'family firm' ethos (the owner's son and son-in-law work here, but don't let that put you off) so will support you if you need flexibility from time to time. We are a small team, just 7 of us at the moment, so you really can pitch in at any level and get the experience that suits you most - there's no mould that we are trying to force you into. We have successfully grown turnover steadily over the last few years and are ready to step up our game which is why we moved to a shiny new office in Manchester 2 years ago, and we have a picnic bench with a fake cherry tree in the office.

That's it. If it sounds interesting then please get in touch - fill in the form.


It is company policy not to deal with recruitment agencies, so please don't waste your time submitting other people for us to consider. Only apply for this post if you are the candiate!

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In case you missed it the first is company policy not to deal with employment agencies for a variety of reasons. Please do not waste our time, or your own, by contacting us unless we have specifically requested you to do so. If you wish to appeal this policy decision then please submit a request via the Contact Us page.

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