Programmer Vacancy - July 2017 (£20K - £25K)

Sorry, this position has now been filled

(This is the short version of the vacancy. If you need more words, then go here.)

We write large database driven applications that run in a browser and integrate with native android mobile applications.

You need experience using PHP to build or extend a database driven application because we aren't going to teach you SQL, and we aren't going to give you a PHP For Dummies book.

You need experience using javascript to dynamically alter pages or else your head will melt. It would be great if you've used jquery or an alternative library, but this isn't a shopping cart app so don't fixate on frameworks.

Hopefully this won't scare you, but you'll need to be able to communicate clearly in written English, and to record activity and time in a coherent manner. It doesn't matter how good you are, if you don't do these then you won't last very long.

You might have to answer the phone, and we work in a small office so you'll have to be able to get on with people. Actual real, breathing, people.

You'll need to be able to jump around between random tasks within our existing codebase, and problem solve gnarly problems cooked up between 3 generations of previous programmers.

That's it. If you can do all that and effectively solve problems, then we'll hire you.


It is company policy not to deal with recruitment agencies, so please don't waste your time submitting other people for us to consider. Only apply for this post if you are the candiate!

Vacancy Form

Please complete the form below and submit your CV to be considered for this position.



In case you missed it the first is company policy not to deal with employment agencies for a variety of reasons. Please do not waste our time, or your own, by contacting us unless we have specifically requested you to do so. If you wish to appeal this policy decision then please submit a request via the Contact Us page.

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