Junior Programmer Vacancy - Feb 2016

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We have a vacancy available for a junior programmer for immediate start. The successful candidate will have experience programming in a variety of languages. Our primary applications are developed to run as hosted solutions on LAMP servers integrating with mobile applications. Whilst experience of Linux is not required, it would be very useful.

All the products that we develop are built entirely in-house - from PDA software running on Android tablets and phones, to browser based back-office solutions. This means that our developers can experience a rich mix of coding environments and styles, and a wide range of platforms and gadgets.

We are a small, tight knit team of developers working closely together. Day to day duties will include bug fixes and product enhancements, resolving 2nd-line support requests, and participation in design and implementation of new products.

Salary is dependant on skills and experience. We welcome applications from all sections of the community, and from all levels of experience and educational backgrounds. Talent is our only requirement....

Preferred Skills and Competencies

We acknowledge that a skilled developer is not restricted to a single programming language, however the following skills and languages will be used in your day to day work.







Good written English

Careful time recording

Ability to follow process

Desire to problem solve


It is company policy not to deal with recruitment agencies, so please don't waste your time submitting other people for us to consider. Only apply for this post if you are the candiate!

Vacancy Form

Please complete the form below and submit your CV to be considered for this position.



In case you missed it the first time...it is company policy not to deal with employment agencies for a variety of reasons. Please do not waste our time, or your own, by contacting us unless we have specifically requested you to do so. If you wish to appeal this policy decision then please submit a request via the Contact Us page.

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