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The Only System You Need for New Contracts

  • Have you won a contract that feels like it's going live tomorrow?

  • Do you need a system for something you promised in the tender?

  • Has your existing supplier vanished when you need them most?

Markus delivers a fully integrated back office and mobile working solution, with full integration to your client - almost as quickly as you need it. Markus will help with understanding and loading data, such as asset lists, SOR / price lists, clients, and everything else you need in a working system.

fully integrated mobile working and back office software solution
unrivalled software interface

Seamless Integration of Your Clients' System

  • Do you need to interface with your clients?

  • Do you need a supplier that can make interfacing work?

Markus offers an unrivalled interface (even when your existing supplier has failed). As a bonus, Markus ensures benefits to you too, including savings in data entry, removing transcription errors, and reducing the number of wasted phone calls with clients.

Control Large Work Volumes

  • Lots of small jobs, tight deadlines and noisy customers?

  • Engineers not completing job sheets and invoices not getting paid? 

  • Complex KPI reports to produce? 

Markus covers all the day-to-day processes of your admin team and engineers, provides real-time dashboards highlighting key organisational processes, and manages the jobs, engineers, purchase orders and invoicing, all whilst producing KPI reports for your customers at the click of a button

control large work volumes
authenticaed portal access for customers

Keep Customers Engaged - Cost Effectively

  • Frustrated with persistent workflow interruptions?

  • Feel like your wasting time and money on unnecessary phone calls?

Markus gives your customers the answers they need without having to interrupt you. By providing authenticated portal access Markus ensures your customers only see information relevant to them. Furthermore, Markus gives portal users the ability to record additional comments, raise job queries, access KPI reporting and real-time dashboards.

Superior Real-Time Data Capture 

  • Are you recovering all your costs when billing clients?

  • Do you require a data-driven system to calculate the important contracts from the noisy ones?

Markus captures real-time data from your engineers on every job, allowing you to see the ongoing profitability of those jobs as they progress through your system. Markus provides a whole suite of reports that query your data across different dimensions - from clients and contracts, to depots and contract managers.

real-time data capture from engineers
improve effieciency across operation

Dramatic Efficiency Improvements

  • Is paperwork consuming your profits?

  • Want to eliminate duplicated efforts and disruptive phone calls?

Markus can't cut out the work of actually completing the job but by improving first–time fix rates, reducing no–accesses and travel time, improving recovery of costs, quickening turn around to invoice jobs, and enabling multiple jobs on the same visit, Markus guarantees to improve efficiency across your whole operation.

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