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About Us

Not Just A Software Supplier, We Will Help You Thrive


We work with our customers to help them implement systems and processes to grow and be more efficient.

Unlike many companies who are only looking for the next sale, Epix truly values their customers, and we work hard to build long-term relationships with them. Since 1991 we have developed software to solve our customer's problems, much of our business comes by recommendation, demonstrating the quality of service we provide.

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Our Experience


We understand our customer's businesses and we never forget that technology is just a tool to enable companies to work quicker, better and smarter. We take a holistic approach to see where technology can remove redundant tasks, get rid of double handling, eliminate paperwork, provide better information – and most of all, be easy to use.

We concentrate on just a few markets, enabling us to not only bring our technical expertise to the table, but bring our raft of experience we have built up over the many years working with companies similar to yours.

Our Team


All of our developers are directly employed and work on our premises – we don't use contractors. This means we can respond very quickly to urgent requests and have full control of the development and support processes.

Our team come from different backgrounds but they are all passionate about technology. We encourage them to be innovative and spend time looking for good ideas, new tools and better techniques.

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Our Products


All our products are being continually developed and enhanced – not only to fix bugs but to use feedback from our customers' to improve them.


This benefits our relationship with you by stimulating and encouraging open discussion about the development road map as well as regularly providing new features to all our customers.

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