The Features & Benefits of Markus on Job Control


Real–Time Job Control

All information is visible to the users the moment it is entered on the system enabling queries to be addressed quickly and efficiently. This also reduces the time to process each job and means as soon as the job is marked complete payment can be requested.

Engineer Management

Colour coded screens and drill down lists are used to manage the amount of work each engineer has. Dashboard widgets and KPI reports are used to monitor the performance of the engineers and time sheets are automatically assembled from the work recorded. Allocation to engineers is managed via graphical screens showing workload, capacity and proximity across an appropriate selection of engineers to optimise resource usage.


To save resource, information can be transferred electronically between our job control system, your client's systems and your internal systems. This can yield a massive saving in administration time by removing the need to double key information. Where appropriate you can allow direct access to the system by your clients, engineers and sub-contractors to them to review work and update jobs remotely. This allows for a more open working relationship with your clients, and passes some of the admin costs onto your suppliers.

Job Costing

By recording the work done, the incentive bonus accrued and the materials used it is possible to report how profitable each job is, how profitable the contracts are and how profitable a client is. This information is prominently displayed during the invoicing process to make sure that correct profit margins are achieved and no costs are left uncharged for.

Sales Order Processing

Once the job is complete the system can convert it into either an invoice, or an application. These can be transferred electronically to your customer, your accounts system or they can be printed. As you receive payment or remittance advice you can record this on the system so you always have a detailed view of what is outstanding on a request for payment, and how much has been requested for each job. The system supports multiple vat rates, and each request for payment can include SOR codes, closing codes or manual lines as required.

Interactive Dashboard

At the heart of the system is a fully interactive dashboard that updates information in real-time. Dashboard widgets are tailored to suit the needs of a particular job-role with permissions controlling access to specific information. Dashboard widgets can be filtered to suit specific queries and customised so they display data to suit an individual user's requirements.

Comprehensive Reports

Throughout the system we employ customisable reports. All reports have multiple filters, and the columns contained can be altered. Reports export as PDF documents for printing and emailing, or as a data file for loading into spreadsheets. Layouts of reports on specific screens including the job sheet can be optimised to suit a users needs. Colourisation can be applied to all reports to highlight specific information and aid in visually digesting information.


Increased Visibility

Throughout the system all jobs in progress are tracked and monitored. Numerous dashboard widgets and KPI reports all users to rapidly manage jobs at all stages. This helps you to prevent problems with jobs in their early stages before they start to cost you money. Detailed history of work completed and links between all the modules enable faster decision making and ensures a full recovery of costs, whilst allowing you to target you resources efficiently and effectively.

Increased Control

By facilitating detailed and timely data entry via integration with mobile working, encouraging sub-contractor interfaces and speedy visit recording the system gives you full control over the life cycle of individual jobs. This allows you to correctly target costly management time at the jobs that need it. Simple to use management dashboard widgets also give instant overviews of how the whole organisation is performing to allow for real–time control to directly impact on productivity and performance.

Reduced Administration Costs

All the information about a job is immediately accessibly including the history of anyone who updated the job, or delivered work on the job. This vastly reduces the time taken to process the job through to charging. Integration and links between all reports and dashboard widgets allow rapid navigation throughout the product. Job sheets themselves link instantly to related and historical work, issued and completed work and surface instantly understandable graphics to highlight profitability.

Security & Disaster Recovery

Hosted web–applications enable multiple methods of remote working whilst also providing security against disasters that could affect your offices. Full authentication of all aspects of the system means that even senior and privileged users are monitored. Hosting also means that you no longer have the headache of maintaining and managing expensive servers. A simple ADSL connection is more than ample for even the most demanding use of the system.

Benefits & Examples of Our Interfaces


Fault diagnostics for Civica's Universal Housing

We provided a fault reporting and allocation front end to integrate directly within Contact Manager which created jobs for Universal Housing to pass to contractors. This utilised a number of different elements including an API call into our application to launch the fault reporting process, a regular return of recorded jobs and appointments, and a nightly batch of contact and property details from Universal Housing to us.

Direct allocation to engineer for IBS Open Housing

We provided a solution which allows a client's housing staff to enter jobs directly into a contractors system for immediate appointment booking and allocation to specific engineers. Jobs can be instantly begun by the contractor without having to wait for the subsequent interfaced details from IBS to confirm the job. We have completed a number of other interface projects to IBS including gas service jobs, responsive work, void keys processing, key stages and status updates, first time fix, variation requests, and completion details.

Orchard Housing's emergency repairs interface

We delivered an interfacing portal to receive jobs from the clients system, pre-process them to remove errors and then release the jobs on to the contractor's legacy system in controlled batches. The whole interface normally took less than 5 minutes to process jobs from end to end. Once the jobs are completed the interface produces status update files to send back to Orchard to remove double entry of information.

Contractor interfaces to Northgate Housing System

We have provided SOAP interfaces to receive jobs from Northgate and process updates. The interface returns status updates, variation requests and completion details. After successfully completing this interface with an existing customer we were able to expand to 3 additional contractors working in different areas for the same client based only on the recommendations of the initial contractor.

A whole suite of client interfaces

We worked with a contractor over the period of a year to enable interfacing into an ageing Vixensoft server. The contractor was having problems sanitising the interface files from a number of clients, and also in producing the range of output formats and information required. MARKUS® was used as an interface portal to pre-process the incoming jobs and to control the release of jobs into Vixen. We were able to take a standard feed of status updates and completion details to produce specific files to transfer information back to the client systems. MARKUS® was also able to provide additional user processes that Vixen lacked to help in managing the jobs. This included pre-allocating and scheduling gas servicing appointments, and approving survey data generated by engineers on PDAs.

Sales and purchase information to Xero Accounts and Sage Line 50

We have a standard interface that sends both sales and purchase invoice details to Xero accounts and Sage Line 50 accounts. Other accounts packages can be supported with existing interfaces to Quickbooks, Evolution Accounts, The Access Group Dimension Accounts, and AXiM Accounts.

Email to stores mainframe system

In the past we have maintained an email interface which generates reports of stock used by engineers for sending directly to stores for re–stocking.


Reduced Cost

By saving time on double entry of information.

Improved Accuracy

By removing human error when re-entering information.

Reduced Query Rates

As all systems show the same information.

Increased Speed

To transfer data and allow for more immediate charging.

Increased Data Capture Volume

Such as on site times gathered on PDAs.

Enforced Processes

By requiring that only specific information can be transferred between systems.

Modern Structure

"Markus has been a real benefit to us through this current situation, allowing us to work remotely from home without any disruption and enable us to continue operating as normal."

Michael Gingell of Steele Davis Ltd