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Degree Apprentice Programmer

This year we are hiring another degree apprentice programmer to enrol on the MMU Digital & Technology Solutions Professional Degree Apprenticeship, starting in September 2022. 

We have had an amazing response and are currently reviewing the applications we have and are not looking for any more candidates at the moment.

We currently have 3 apprentices on this fantastic course who are valued members of our team working on real projects. We are recruiting again this year for another programmer to join the team.


What do we do? We write large database-driven applications for businesses to manage their work and workforce. These typically run in a web browser and integrate with native mobile applications.

Why do we want you? We are constantly growing and always looking to encourage new talent. Ultimately you will be the future of the team, and we look forward to seeing you succeed. Every member of the team is involved in shaping the direction the company takes.

Who do we want? We are looking for someone interested in solving problems using the code they have written. You will be a developer, but the job titles are a bit redundant in our size of organisation. Some days you will be writing code, talking to customers carrying out 1st line support, and other days you will be in production meetings pitching your solutions to the rest of the team. You need to love computers and understand how computers function - not just as an abstract concept and not just at a single level. 

Join our team as a degree apprentice programmer. You will gain experience using PHP (and other languages) to build a huge and complicated database-driven application, gain expert level skills in SQL, and learn to bounce around from Javascript/HTML in the browser down to Linux server magic.

So why should you join Epix? We've been around for 30 years - so we are stable and reliable. We have a 'family firm' ethos (the founder's son and son-in-law work here, but don't let that put you off), so we will support you if you need flexibility from time to time. We are a small team, just 9 of us at the moment, so you really can pitch in at any level and get the experience that suits you most - there's no mould that we are trying to force you into. We have successfully grown turnover steadily over the last several years and can justify having a pool table in the office.


That's it. If it sounds interesting, please get in touch - fill in the form and send us your CV.

​If you would like to learn more about what it is like to work at Epix, you can read about it in the apprentice lifestyle blog.

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