Interfacing & integration with

We specialise in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) between contractors and clients where other people fail – or where the end systems have no existing interface capability.

Our core philosophy is to ELIMINATE WASTE AND DUPLICATION.

We typically see organisations handling the same information many times – MARKUS reduces this need. It starts eliminating work from the moment a job is logged – from issuing jobs to engineers through to generating electronic requests for payment that can be sent to your customer.

MARKUS allows easy information sharing, both between your office and field staff, and between you and your clients. Everything you need is in one place and accessible to all those to whom you give permission.

MARKUS is designed to work with systems from other suppliers using a variety of interface methods – from simple text files, XML and SOAP interfaces to direct API calling from within their application.

We have been interfacing to any and all client systems since 1991 – using virtually every mechanism you can imagine. We still maintain an interface for one customer from 1993…Whatever the requirement we can meet it.


  • Reduced Costs & Improved Accuracy

    By saving time on double entry of information as well as chances for human error.

  • Reduced Query Rates

    All systems show the same information meaning there’s less need for your clients to contact you for updates.

  • Increased Speed

    Such as on-site times gathered on PDAs.

  • Enforced Processes

    By requiring that only specific information can be transferred between systems.

  • Sales & Purchase Information To Xero Accounts And Sage Line 50

    We have a standard interface that sends both sales and purchase invoice details to Xero accounts and Sage Line 50 accounts.
    Other accounts packages can be supported with existing interfaces to Quickbooks, Evolution Accounts, The Access Group Dimension Accounts, and AXiM Accounts.


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Improve performance & profitability


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