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Full job control whether you have two engineers or 500. Increased efficiency, visibility and control throughout the lifetime of a job. MARKUS’ easy-to-use interface means you can quickly improve the performance and profitability of your company.

Full integration with your applications means MARKUS provides a dependable, reliable solution that allows you to adapt to working conditions as your customers’ requirements change.

As a job control product MARKUS is designed to manage both high value/low value jobs and large, multi-stage planned work.

Our contracts managers love that they can see such a wealth of information flowing back from our engineers – it saves so much time costing jobs and means we rarely need to return to site for anything. And our admin users love that all the information is in one place – if they get a query about a job they can easily find the answer.

Phil Wright
- Managing Director
Link Contracting


  • Real-Time Job Control

    All information is visible to users the moment it is entered onto the system.

    This reduces the time it takes to process each job, means queries can be addressed quickly and efficiently and payment can be requested as soon as the job is completed.

  • Engineer Management

    Colour coded screens and drill down lists are used to manage the amount of work each engineer has. Dashboard widgets and KPI reports are used to monitor performance and time sheets are automatically assembled from the work recorded.

    Job allocation is managed via graphical screens showing workload, capacity and proximity to optimise resources.

  • E-Commerce

    Information can be transferred electronically between MARKUS, your clients’ systems and your internal systems. This can yield huge administrative savings by removing the need to double key information. You can allow direct access to clients, engineers and sub-contractors so they can review and update jobs remotely. This allows more open working relationships and saves both you and your clients time and money.

  • Profitability

    Using MARKUS to record the work done, incentive bonuses accrued and materials used, it’s easy to see how profitable individual jobs, contracts and clients are. This information is prominently displayed during the invoicing process to make sure that correct profit margins are achieved and no costs left uncharged for.

  • Sales Order Processing

    Once a job is complete MARKUS can convert it into either an invoice, or an application. These can be transferred electronically to your customer, your accounts system, or they can be printed. Logging payments and remittance advice means you always have a detailed view of how much has been requested and what the outstanding balance is.

    MARKUS supports multiple VAT rates, and each request for payment can include SOR codes, closing codes or manual lines as required.

  • Interactive Dashboard

    At the heart of MARKUS is a fully integrated dashboard that updates information in real-time. Dashboard widgets are tailored to suit the needs of a particular job-role, with permissions controlling access to specific information. Dashboard widgets can be filtered to suit specific queries and customised so they display data to suit individual users’ needs.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    Throughout the system are customisable reports. All reports have multiple filters and the columns contained can be altered. Reports export as PDF documents for printing and emailing, or as a data file for loading onto spreadsheets. Layouts of reports on specific screens, including the job sheet, can be optimised to suit each user’s needs. Colourisation can be applied to all reports to highlight specific information.


All jobs in progress are tracked and monitored. Numerous dashboard widgets and KPI reports allow users to easily spot any unexpected issues. This means you can quickly step in and manage problems before they start to cost you money.

Detailed history of work completed and links between all elements of the system allows you to make faster decision and ensure full recovery of costs. It also means you can target your resources efficiently and effectively.

MARKUS gives you full control over the life cycle of individual jobs by allowing engineers to provide detailed and timely data entry via mobile working, encouraging sub-contractor interfaces and speedy visit recording. This allows you to correctly target costly management time at the jobs that need it.

Simple to use management dashboard widgets give an instant overview of how the whole organisation is performing – allowing for real-time control to directly impact on productivity and performance.

All job information is immediately accessible, including details of anyone who updated or delivered work. This hugely reduces the time taken to process a job through to invoicing. Integration and links between reports and dashboard widgets allows rapid navigation through jobs. Job sheets instantly link to related and historical work issued and completed. Easy to understand graphics highlight job profitability.

MARKUS is hosted on three separate servers in three different locations. It is not on a cloud, we are in control of what happens with the servers. As a hosted web-application it allows multiple methods of remote working whilst providing security against any disasters that might affect your offices. Full authentication of all aspects of the system means that even senior and privileged users are monitored. Hosting means you do not need to maintain and manage expensive servers. A simple ADSL connection is more than ample for even the most demanding use of MARKUS.

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