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Hi, I'm Markus

I am a revolutionary software solution that can cover all size of organisation through flexible module suites. My advanced technology enables me to deal with all aspects of repair, maintenance, cyclical work, scheduled services, planned work, voids, and projects. My software runs a fully featured back office service management system, mobile working, client portal, and sub-contractor portal.

My full system includes:

  • Browser based, remote authenticated access

  • Real-time dashboard supporting personalisation to fit individual users

  • Graphical diaries and automated engineer time sheets

  • Interactive real-time KPI reports including export to Excel

  • EDI integration capabilities with clients, merchants, and third party contractor systems

  • Asset register

  • Asset history

  • PPM check lists, repairs checklists, risk assessments, and start of day checks

  • Gas servicing, electrical safety and other cyclical maintenance

  • Client and subcontractor portals

  • Integration with accounts

  • Purchase order processing

  • Sales invoicing

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A Seamless Back Office and Versatile Mobile Working Platform

seamless back office software solution

My full back office system is browser based and provides customisable real time dashboards, a suite of real time reporting and KPI monitoring, and full drill-down details about individual jobs and properties. Various flavours of my browser system exist to provide limited access to different types of users, and to remove unneeded features for smaller organisations.

My back office system tightly integrates with both the engineer's mobile working platform, and the electronic client interfaces to remove the need for paperwork, reduce phone calls, and to provide detailed KPI reporting to all parties.

I handle the flow of information from the job being created in the client's own housing system, the contractor allocating the work, the engineer visiting the site and completing their tasks, the contractor costing the jobs, until ultimately all the information is transferred back to the client's system.

versatile mobile working software solution

I have supported mobile working since 2001, and Epix have rewritten my software to keep pace with current technology and capabilities throughout this period. My mobile application in its current form works on all Android devices and supports consumer smart phones, tablets and rugged devices.

The data I gather automatically from an engineer’s device is used to generate timesheets. My simple user interface walks the engineer through the process of logging the information which can then flow back to the client – no access, real time completion updates, notes, health and safety checks, and cyclical certificates like CP12s etc.

My application supports signature capture, photos, materials tracking, apprentice working, non-productive time booking and much more. Typical training for a team of 5 engineers takes less than 2 hours to become familiar with how I operate, and regular updates are provided to keep my system working on all devices.

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Client Integration

I support integration with a number of client systems, merchants and accounts packages. This includes Civica/InHouse, Capita/IBS, Northgate, Aareon QL, Orchard, Versiae, Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, Travis Perkins, Wolseley, and Jewsons.


Specific requirements are always driven by the client, however a typical building maintenance interface includes provision for:

  • Jobs and updates received from client to contractors

  • Status updates flowing back from contractor to client

  • Notes and photos from contractor to client

  • Variations requests from the contractor

  • Completion information

  • Payment details from the client

client inegration software

Epix have a wide range of experience linking disparate systems together using a wide variety of techniques - fixed file formats, XML, CSV, SOAP, custom APIs - and can act as either host or client to the transfer folders or web-services needed to link the client with the contractor.


KPI Monitoring and Reporting

All my back office solutions have real-time dashboards to highlight bottlenecks within your organisation – including automatically refreshing widgets for current engineer status, workload, jobs approaching attendance targets, impending completion target failures, financial pinch points, and other day to day problems that you face.

kpi monitoring reporting

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