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Are you giving your money away to your customers?

We can help you bill for everything.

Do you ever receive a supplier's invoice or engineer's timesheet after you have sent in your invoice? Do your current systems require you to run several reports to have a clear picture of your costs? Do you have to use a spreadsheet to keep track of your profit? Do you ever discover at the end of the month that a job or project, or contract has not made the profit you were expecting?

These are common problems that our customers have faced. However, they never missed an item since they have implemented Markus®.

Markus® shows you your profit and loss for a job, project or contract on a single screen. It lists any outstanding purchase orders and any missing engineer's time, so you know what is still to be received. It also prevents you from invoicing them without confirming the costs beforehand.

We believe in providing systems that are easy to use and simple to understand. We import your data and set up the system for you. Train your users and provide ongoing support once you are up and running. All our staff are directly employed and are here to help you succeed.

If this is a problem you experience and would like some help, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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