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Becoming a Customer Support Person

Recently you may have noticed a new voice answering your phone calls to Epix Systems, that voice is mine, an apprentice software developer with no experience with customer support or anything of the sort. In order to advance myself and my career I have started to take on a more of a customer support role, while I don’t know as much about the system as others in my team I have been able to find a solution to some of your queries about our system, however most of the time I would have just transferred you over to Chris or Tim who will actually be able to help you with your problem.

I have had some frustrating experiences on the phone, sometimes where I just didn’t understand the problem or the awkward moment when I’m still trying to figure out the problem and end up just telling you that ill call you back later once I’ve consulted with my colleagues. I’ve also had to concentrate more than should be required to ensure I say “Good Morning” when its actually still morning. However the confusion during the calls aren’t always spawned by my ineptitude, sometimes they originate from the confusion the customer has with the problem or the technology. This is a key symptom of the digital divide, however this time mostly brought on by the general public’s lack of knowledge about consumer electronics partly due too some people not having experience with Android, making it difficult for them to navigate through the slightly more technical operating system.

Despite all the frustrations I have also been able to help a lot of people, and the satisfying feeling when you put down the phone knowing that the customer is happy with the response that they got since their problem had been solved is honestly amazing.

I have been learning quite a lot about the system thanks to Chris and Tim, this is usually after a customer phones us with a query that I cant help with, I can always ask one of them during or after the call what I should or should’ve done. This has allowed me to learn a lot about the system such as how to clone operatives or about gas movements.

The customer support role that I have taken will hopefully be able to build upon my skill as a developer in order to be able to code while thinking more about the end user (ie.YOU). It should also help me build my confidence with people which will hopefully be extremely beneficial to the rest of my career when consulting with colleagues and third parties.

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