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Cake 2: The Deliverance

The first COVID-19 lockdown came as a shock to everyone and brought with it an air of uncertainty and an end to the office life we all loved. No more face-to-face meetings, no more quietly singing along to whatever song happened to be on the radio and most importantly no more pool tournaments at lunch! However, there was an unforeseen by-product of moving to remote working that had a much greater effect on staff morale than any of us could have anticipated... there would be no more cake!

Many of our customers didn't need our services at the same capacity over the troubling times leaving our world pretty lonely but that doesn't mean that progress wasn't made. Despite the economic slump we managed to survive the first lockdown and even secure new business. It is customary at Epix for the team to be gifted with cake of some sort when we bring a new customer on board but due to us not being in the office together it seemed an impossibility. Non of us complained though as we were assured there would be cake when possible.

On a normal day, much like today, we all sat in a online meeting together planning our sprint when suddenly the doorbell rings. I jump up and answer the door to find a woman handing me a box of six masterfully crafted cupcakes. Perplexed by what just happened I sit back down at my desk only to be told by a grinning Ian that what I had just received were the cakes we'd been promised. Then one by one everybody else's doors rang and their cakes arrived.


Sweet Bakes : Manchester Based Baker

Even when the whole world is falling apart around us we still managed to get what matters most, our cake.

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