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Cloning a Maintenance Plan

We regularly get asked if it’s possible to clone maintenance schedules in the system, so we’ve programmed that functionality and here’s how it works.

When viewing a maintenance schedule you may have noticed the Navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen, it looks like this:

Navigation Menu

If you wish to clone the maintenance schedule you are currently viewing press the new Clone Schedule option under Processes. This will then take you to another screen where you are prompted to enter the start date for the clone.

Clone service schedule

After entering the start date and pressing continue you will be show the editing screen:

Here you can make any necessary changes to the clone if you wish. When ready simply press the green button in the top right and proceed through the usual maintenance schedule setup screens. The hope with this new feature is to allow you to take an existing schedule and use it again without having to manually set up all the months.

Hopefully, you found this tutorial useful, if you run into any problems just give us a call on 0161 477 2343 and we’ll be happy to help.

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