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Drowning in emails and calls?

Does your team spend lots of their time answering phone calls and emails? Do your clients require constant progress updates? Do your engineers need to ring or email the office to update your team with progress?

Are you paying staff to input information from emails and phone calls into your current system? Could your team be doing something else that adds value to your organisation if they were free from the phone calls and emails?

Markus® enables your office team, your engineers and your clients to access the same information in real-time without the need to transpose it or email it, helping our customers to drastically reduce phone calls and emails.

Your engineers can see the information relevant to them and enables them to carry out their work without phoning the office. They can also update the information in real-time, saving your team from having to transpose it from emails or phone calls.

Your clients can see a subset of information via a client-specific portal, including the crucial real-time progress of jobs, removing the need for them to chase progress.

At Epix systems, we believe in providing systems that are easy to use and simple to understand. We import your data and set up the system for you. Train your users and provide ongoing support once you are up and running. All our staff are directly employed and are here to help you succeed.

If this is a problem you experience and would like some help, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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