• Ian Mellor

February Release

This month we have been working on a lot of purchasing and stock changes, and a much simplified engineer self-reporting timesheet portal.

The new portal gives engineers who don't need the full mobile app capabilities a simple means of recording their times - this then updates both the job costs, and also generates their own timesheet alongside their full-app colleagues. The capabilities are very much limited compared to the main mobile app and sub-contractor portals to make it easy to gather the data for everyone, even void/planned engineers who don't normally justify real-time work recording or diary allocation. This also keeps the licence costs much lower than the core mobile app, and easier to setup and train. See our Youtube video and let us know if you would like more information.

The big change to the purchasing process is a streamlining of both attaching PDFs to purchase invoice entry, and also making it easier to record a whole new corrective line with supplier invoice details. It should be fairly obvious from the invoice entry screen how to do both of these, but feel free to give Chris or Tim a call to walk through the new process.

New Features

  • New engineer timesheet portal.

  • Added supplier specific CIS DRC defaults.

  • Changes to supplier invoice entry to support drag/drop of invoice PDF.

  • Added the ability to record an extra line on invoice entry.

  • Added export options and record count to the job sheet "labour" section to match "sales lines" and "materials" sections.

  • New dashboard widget "Find Supplier Invoice".

  • Added overflow of split job descriptions into notes to match functionality of the primary sales jobs and allow 2000 character split descriptions.

  • Added the ability to easily delete undelivered and uninvoiced delivery lines.

  • Added support for semi-archiving of historical absences and holidays to improve performance of live dashboard widgets.

  • Added additional optional column (creation date) to the "materials" job sheet section.

  • New process for converting (ACR) stock issues of serialised stock to trigger new assets with asset automatic details based on product catelogue.

  • New super-user support feature to highlight internal report names for bug reports.

  • Added constraints to asset and site searches for find jobs report.

  • Added additional search criteria to find purchase order filters.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed supplier communication report that was causing temporary file space issues and affecting performance of all customers.

  • Saving a supplier (branch or contact) now respects the existing price options rather than default back to "allow different".

  • Changes to the communication setup for asset details to improve web-safety of all substitutions.

  • Changes to initial calculation of "1st visit fix" to include visits recorded against split jobs.

  • Improved limits to asset searching in the ACR client wizard to exclude sites.

  • Changed column headings in jobs requiring action breakdown report to use required date captioning for column and filter.

  • Fix transactions history for DRC sales invoices that have had their charge address manually changed.