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Hint of the Month - Images Within Our System

This month’s Hint of the Month is all about images and what you can do with them in the system. Hopefully this article should provide a few handy hints / tips and maybe a few things you didn’t know you could do…

Image Previews

Did you know that anywhere which displays attachments has been modified to allow you to open a large preview window of an attached image rather than downloading each one every time.

So, for example on the job sheet, click any of the thumbnail images:

They now open up in a preview window like this:

You can cycle through all the images simply by clicking the ‘next’ button, scrolling your mouse wheel or using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Of course you can still download images if you need to, notice the Download button next to the thumbnail.

The thumbnail / preview function works in the attachments report too…. Explained later.

Deleting an Image

Added the wrong image to a job?


Maybe the engineer photographed the inside of their pocket?

There is a system option which can be activated to display the Delete button on the job sheet. Click this and you will be able to remove the image from the job / system completely.

Moving Images

Added an image to the wrong job by accident…? Don’t worry, we’ve all done it

You can move images/attachments from one job to another from the Edit/Close button.

Simply enter the job reference for the job you want to move the image to then click Move:

You will be notified if this worked!

Controlling who sees what images

Did you know you can control who is allowed to view the images / attachments on a job?

These can be set by default in system options but to change them for each image, simply click the Edit/Close button next to the thumbnail on the job sheet and tick / untick as required…


Ticking Visible to Operative means operatives will see this image available to view on the PDA next time they attend a job for this site.

On the PDA it looks like this, click the black download arrow to download the image:

Visible to Customer

Ticking Visible to Customer means if the customer has a login to the system, they WILL see this image.

Unticking means they WILL NOT see it.

Finding / reporting on images

Need to find images sent back to the system? Perhaps you know who took the picture, where and the date…

There is a really handy report, Additional Job Notes:

Here I’ve filtered for the date, part of the address, ‘image only’ and where the description of the image contains the name ‘John’.

Again you can click the thumbnails to load the larger preview or alternatively click Download.

Emailing images

Need to send photos taken by the operatives to your customers to support visit prints / invoices?


Do you need to send a photo along with a purchase order to help describe the product you are ordering?

From each of the ‘email’ opportunities in the system there is the possibility of attaching images.

Click Print >>> Email from the job / purchase order / invoice sheets.

Tick any of the attachments you wish to send as part of the email from the Previous Attachments table:

Viewing recently taken photos

If you click to Personalise your dashboard and add in the item for Recently added attachments (you’ll probably find this at the bottom of the list of available widgets)

Naturally clicking on the image thumbnail loads a larger view preview.

Can we force operatives to take photos at the start and end of their visit?

Yes, certainly. This is a system option for both start and end of visit photos. If you set this up, operatives cannot progress past the screen until they’ve taken a photo. Like this…

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