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Hint of the Month - Pin Your Favourite Reports

This month’s Hint of the Month is all about pinning reports to a menu item. Hopefully this article should provide a few handy hints / tips and maybe a few things you didn’t know you could do…

Sometimes there are reports you need, but don’t use very often. They tend to be the reports you find from the “All Reports” menu, you know its there, but you can’t quite remember its name.

The following tip might help you in the future.

All the reports in the Epix system have a “pin” icon at the top of the table results.

Clicking on the pin, will automatically add the report to your “Reports” menu.

After you’ve pinned the report, click the ‘house’ icon in the top left hand corner to refresh your screen.

Your Reports menu will now include your newly pinned report

Before Pinning

After Pinning

You can have as many pinned reports as you like, but if the list is getting too long, we’d recommend you try re-organising your menu’s instead.

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