• Mike - Epix

It is not about your IT supplier saying they never have issues.

It's what they do when they have one that defines them.

All software systems have problems at some point; how your supplier responds to the problem is key to your business surviving and thriving. Even the likes of Facebook have issues.

Over the past twenty years, I have sat in many meetings where other software suppliers have blamed everyone but themselves. It never ceases to amaze me how creative they can be, even going as far as suggesting that the user was not pressing the key correctly.

At Epix Systems, we are different.

Several months ago, one of our servers failed. For a small number of affected customers, their field service staff carried on working, but the office staff could not do anything. We became aware that there was a problem at 7:35 am. The first customer report was at 7:56 am, but we were already looking into it. We confirmed that the systems were not accessible. Switching it off and on again wasn't going to cut it 😉, so we migrated the affected customers onto their secondary servers. By 8:05 am, our affected customers were back up and running without any data loss.

We had a problem, we admitted it, we solved it.

We Are Here to Help

If your current service management solution provider does not admit when they have an issue, don't own the problem, or worse, lose your data, please complete this form or call us on 0161 477 2343 to discuss how we can help.