• Epix Systems

January/February Release

This one was tagged initially on the 29th Jan, but had a couple of small issues that held it back until today. This is mostly a feature release for a couple of big items and a spread of minor features. The most requested new feature for is the interface to import emails - we can now poll a dedicated mailbox and automatically upload all attachments to a job. If this is of interest then please get in touch.

New Features

  • New interface available: importing emails from a dedicated email account

  • Allow printing of Fire Safety and Compliance log relating to either a site or a specific job

  • Improved the layout of the mobile application “end of visit” status screen to support longer descriptions

  • Minor Changes

  • Added bulk photo downloads from jobsheet

  • Added new meta-filters to the audit trail report to group searches for related entities

  • Added 365 day history report to clone job screen

  • Added archiving of system message/query types

  • Changes to the “change attend date” screen to automatically populate slot captions

  • Added archiving of Schedule of Rates lists

Bug Fixes

No bug fixes this release!